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10 Montessori-Inspired Design Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Published on: January 09, 2013

DIY montessori table by Shanty 2 Chic

Gather ‘round the table!
With all the learning going on, the kiddos are going to need a place to spread out. The Shanty 2 Chic blog shares DIY instructions to make your own table built for tots — such a great idea to create the ultimate project hub for the family. The post even includes a link to make the cube chairs that double as storage for books, toys, and learning materials. We all know extra storage is pure gold!

Moveable Alphabet by Education of Ours

Why not add a movable alphabet to your playroom like this one featured over at The Education of Ours? The alphabet allows children to create words using their imagination, focusing first on the way words sound. An essential for the Montessori home, we love that kids can truly immerse themselves in spelling and reading. After the fun, the letters and fabric fold up out of the way!


Gutter bookshelves by Must Love Babies

It’s raining books
Are books taking over your playroom? Get them organized and on display with this neat idea for rain gutter bookshelves featured over at Must Love Babies. Studies have shown that kids are more engaged with reading when they can see the covers of books on display and choose one to read for themselves. Inexpensive vinyl gutters are the perfect way to turn a corner of your playroom into an inviting reading nook!


Nature Window by The Montessori Child at Home

A place for nature
In a Montessori home, everything has its place. We love this idea for a nature windowsill inspired by The Montessori Child at Home. It’s the perfect place to hold found objects from nature hikes or walks to the park. Your child can set up his or her own spot for a beloved nature collection; add a magnifying glass, and let the scientific observations begin!


Montessori Room by an Everyday Story

A good routine
A good Montessori principle is to keep everything at eye-level and within reach for little hands. This room setup from An Everyday Story gets it just right. The floor bed and storage for clothing is great, but the routine cards hung on the wall are genius! Doubling as art, the step-by-step morning routine chart helps a kiddo get a good start to the day!


Music corner by My World, My True

Music & Lyrics
This idea for a small music corner featured over at My World, My True is a great way to put a little pep in your playroom. Complete with drum, rhythm sticks, jingle bells, dancing scarves, harmonica, and guitar, the collection is perfect for mini-music lessons and impromptu family music time. Head over to the full blog to see the other Montessori makeover ideas.


Montessor Kitchen by How we Montessori

Order up!
We’re so impressed by this food prep station featured over at How We Montessori. Built with 3-year-old hands in mind, everything is pint-sized and safe for kids to use to make any snack their tummies desire. There’s even a compost bucket! Head over to the full post to check out all the prep tools Montessori Mama Kylie stocks in the mini-kitchen.


My Montessori Moments

Bins, bins, bins
You really can’t have too much storage in a Montessori home. Check out this fun room featured at My Montessori Moments that Mom Lori uses as a school room. Just think of all the sensory materials, blocks, and books this setup could store! We’re especially enamored by the alphabet art on the wall — such a great idea! Check out the full post to see every corner of this Montessori room.

Geography Corner by Carrots Are Orange

 And in this corner…
Setting up designated learning areas is a great tip for a Montessori-inspired room. Check out this geography corner by the Montessori minds at Carrots Are Orange. With maps, magazines, and keepsakes, teaching can be oriented around place and cultures. You could even switch out the objects based on learning about different places in the world.


Mirror and Shelves - How We Montessori

I see me!
One of the basics in a Montessori room is a mirror placed at baby’s eye-level. This mirror setup featured over at How We Montessori doubles as a play area. Mama Kylie even switches out the mobiles to keep things interesting. We also love the low shelving stocked with Montessori toys.

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