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15 Easter Treats for Kids and Families

Published on: March 17, 2017

jello eggsEdible Easter Rainbows

We love the theme of the projects over at Thrive. Mom of six, Nike, lives by a "rock-what-ya-got" approach to crafting fun on a budget. The collection of projects featured on her blog are creative and can be made with things you probably already have around the house!

To make these gorgeous rainbow Jello Easter eggs, you'll need a colorful variety of Jello flavors, an egg mold and a syringe to layer up the colors. These tasty treats are certainly worth the patience when you see the final product — stunning!

almondsEaster Baby Blues

This quick and easy Easter treat featured on Sweet Sugarbelle is sure to leave everyone smiling at this year's Easter party. And the best part: You'll only need to have two ingredients to achieve these darling little Easter birds: robin's-egg blue royal icing and some Jordan almonds.

After you've coated your almonds with the royal icing, Mom will want to use a steady hand to draw the tiny birds' faces. And, if you don't have almonds on hand, Callye suggests that M&Ms work equally well as darling little birds. Be sure to check out her full walkthrough for plenty of tips and gorgeous photos of this pint-sized Easter flock!

PB eggsPeanut Butter Jewels

Who would have known that peanut butter cups are so simple to make? These DIY beauties over at Picky Palate are sure to be an instant crowd-pleaser among this year's Easter bunnies!

To whip up these gorgeous pastel sweets, you'll need: peanut butter, powdered sugar, and colorful candy melts as the main ingredients. Put the kids to work on shaping the batter into Easter eggs while you prepare the candy melts, and you'll be surrounded by egg-cellent goodies in no time!

easter popsPretty Easter Pops

These pretty-in-pink crispy rice pops featured on Glorious Treats are the perfect favors to wrap up as an Easter basket goody!

Made using a classic marshmallow treat recipe with strawberry marshmallows (yum!) for the pink hue, these sweet Easter pops are easy for small hands to help make, and the creative bedazzling options are endless. Why not try shaping the treats into egg or bunny shapes? Then just dip, sprinkle and wrap for instant Easter sweetness!

cadburyGooey Easter Goodness

Inspired by the classic Cadbury egg, Kristan over at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen set out to put her own twist on the beloved Easter treat.

Simply made using ordinary ingredients found in the pantry (powdered sugar, vanilla, corn syrup and chocolate), these gooey delicious Easter treats are bound to turn out as picture perfect as Kristan's — and we're sure that homemade love will make them way tastier than their store-bought sweet siblings. Check out Kristan's full tutorial for plenty of helpful tips!

nestsDelicate Easter Nests

What little cutie laid these eggs? These petite nests over at Bake at 350 are easily made using chow mein noodles and marshmallows. Completely charming (we know!) and they take less than an hour to make!

Fill your kitchen with oodles of these little nests in no time with the help of your pint-sized sous-chefs molding the nests into fun shapes to hold the mini Easter eggs. Be sure to check out Bridget's full tutorial for the complete scoop on ingredients and tips for getting started!

bunny cookiesDown on the Easter Farm

Mama Glory of Glorious Treats shares this helpful how-to for making homemade farm-themed Easter cookies. And what a great Easter treat idea for young animal lovers!

Including sweet baby chicks, bunnies and wooly sheep, Glory walks you through each step of perfecting your iced sugar cookies and overall, makes these cute critters look like a complete snap! Be sure to read through for helpful tips on drying the icing between steps to create your own Easter farm.

smoresWant S'more?

This Peeps s'mores-style Easter ice cream pie included on the ever-amazing CakeSpy works great for unloading all of those extra Peeps that are running around the house after the holiday fun has ended.

Featuring a graham cracker crust with a rocky road ice cream filling and adorning roasted Peeps on top, this pie is sure to please everyone at the dinner table this spring. CakeSpy's Jessie also notes that this sweet dish is also a great one to make after Easter since all of the store-bought candy is available on clearance. Talk about a super sweet deal!

macaroonsNutty Nests

These colorful cookies featured over at Two Peas and Their Pod are made with some of our favorite ingredients: coconut, Easter chocolates and Nutella. And not to mention, they're not to bad on the eyes either!

Once you've finished baking and toasting your coconut macaroons, the texture will begin to look exactly like a bird's nest. Add a healthy dollop of Nutella, sprinkle in a couple of candy robin's eggs and you've got a plateful of Easter treats that are sure to be voted in as a new holiday favorite by your own little chicks! Check out the full post for mama Maria's favorite macaroon recipe.

bunny baitBunny Bait

Here's a fun take on trail mix found over at Bake at 350 that's perfect for Easter: "Bunny Bait!"

Easily made using M&Ms, popcorn, sprinkles and candy melts, this sweet Easter bait is sure to be a hit — and a blast to whip up with your little ones. To make your own, simply combine all of your ingredients, shake it up, and scoop it into some colorful treat bags. Overall, this is one sweet that's sure to catch you plenty of bunnies this year!

cakesEgg-cellent Easter Cakes

For the home bakers out there that are looking for a more advanced DIY Easter treat, check out these fabulous egg cakes included on Bakingdom. They include all of the fun of egg decorating, but will give you some seriously sweet results!

To get started, Mama Darla uses the crumbled cake and frosting method, and even sticks a yellow-frosting "yolk" in the middle of the eggs for a tasty surprise. Simply shape your cake batter into eggs, dip them in candy melts and let the sprinkles fly! Be sure to check out all of Darla's great tips for cooling methods and more.

sweet saltySweet and Salty Easter Buttons

Little time to spare, but in need of some Easter sweets? These no-bake, pretzel buttons featured on The Curvy Carrot are the perfect idea for busy moms as they only take a whopping 10 minutes to create!

To make your own sweet and salty Easter buttons, you'll want to have square pretzels, melted chocolate (or candy melts) and peanut butter candies on hand for the perfect all-in-one bite. Kitchen-friendly, kid-friendly and an excellent idea for on-the-go families that want to get in on the Easter fun!

snowballsCute Cakelettes

These bright and beautiful Sno Ball-esque cakes found over at Sprinkle Bakes remind us of a stunning spring afternoon when the flowers are in full bloom!

Similar to the well-known storebought Hostess treats, these darling cakelettes are given their pretty-in-pink looks with a small amount of food coloring, and then they're rolled in shredded coconut for a beautiful finishing touch. Sprinkle Bakes' Heather offers up some great tips for baking these sweet minis, be sure to check out the post for the full scoop!

easter cookiesHidden Easter Eggs

Sure, cookie recipes are a dime a dozen but, it was these chocolate pudding Easter cookies by Two Peas and Their Pod that really stole the show.

Mama Maria's creative recipe puts good ol' chocolate chip cookies to shame; the pudding gives the finished cookies a soft and moist texture. Top that with some hidden Easter treats and you've got yourself a nice complement of color and crunch. (We've made Maria's vanilla pudding chocolate chip cookies in the past and they were oh-so tasty!)

beansSpilling the Beans

At first glance, these miniature cookies featured on The Decorated Cookie look like real jelly beans! The colorful icing (with just a sliver of white drawn on for the shine) and perfectly formed shapes are sure to put a smile on your tot's face this Easter.

Check out the full post for helpful tips on finding the right cookie cutter and to download a print-ready pattern to make your own "Jelly Beans Inside" boxes. These adorable sweets beans will disappear as fast as the real ones, and they're an excellent pick for an Easter basket treat!

This article was updated on March 17, 2017.

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