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11 Egg-cellent Easter Crafts for the Kiddos

Easter isn't just for decorating eggs! Here are 11 other DIY art projects to try

Published on: March 29, 2017

egg countdown1. Countdown to the hunt

Get your family excited for Easter with this easy countdown craft idea found on Eighteen25. All you’ll need is an empty egg carton, 12 plastic eggs (to hide the countdown goodies), some paper grass, and number stickers or rub-on numbers.

Simply number your eggs and fill them with treats or found objects. You won’t believe how easy this is to make, and your family will look forward to seeing what each egg is “cracked” up to be! Easter’s just around the corner, so start your planning now!

chicks in a row2. Chicks in a row

The moment we saw these unbelievably cute felt chicks by Myrtle & Eunice, we knew we wanted to make them as an Easter gift for everyone we know.

As for skills needed, this project promises “If you can do a blanket stitch, these chicks are easy peasy!” Grab some felt, thread, and craft wire and head on over to the site to download the pattern and get ideas for how to display your finished chickadees! We love the picture of a whole flock busting out their “Thriller” moves.

eggs on a line3. Eggs on a line

Looking for a way to jazz up a large room for your Easter festivities? This clever idea from Modern Parents Messy Kids is the definition of easy (and thrifty!).

Using paint sample cards in pretty pastels from your local hardware store, a hole punch, and some string, you can create an Easter garland to fit a room of any size. This crafty blog has tons of similar ideas for you to get your DIY fix. For this project, they even include a downloadable egg template so all you have to do is trace, cut, and hang. Voila!

kaleidoscope eggs4. Kaleidoscope eggs

Talk about a bright idea! We love these Ukranian-style egg drawings featured on Alpha Mom. They look just as delicate as the traditional pysanky style made from wax, but are exponentially less difficult to create!

Check out the blog for a full tutorial of a kid-friendly version, perfect for Easter decorating. The style is mimicked by using watercolors, food coloring, and clear wax. The layering effect gives the finished product a “chalkboard” look. Everybody will have a ball personalizing their own eggs!

bunny treat5. Easter snacks

How cute is this Easter snack bag idea featured on Susan Weinroth's blog?

Make your own goldfish cracker carrots by filling up a frosting piping bag with a few handfuls of crackers and finishing them off with a spring green fabric ribbon. So easy and perfect for any Easter gathering! Check out the full blog for other Easter craft ideas, including an Easter-themed top hat and finger-paint art for the kids.

bunny shapes6. Bunnies in all shapes

Fold ‘em up and hand ‘em out! These adorable origami Easter bunnies featured on the How About Orange blog look like two parts fun and one part challenge to make. But we’re excited to give the project a try!

All you’ll need is origami paper or thin sheets of decorative paper (getting the creases precise is key). Click through to the blog for instructions and links to other sites that feature the art of origami. When you’re finished, fill them up with your favorite mini treats and let them “hop” around the house!

coniferous easter eggs7. Coniferous easter eggs

Why not go for a nature hike with your family and pick up some "eggs" on the way home? Not at the store, but in your backyard!

Well, you’ll have to paint them yourself, but Pink and Green Mama and her kiddos will show you how! Pine cones are naturally egg-shaped, so what a perfect idea! Hide them around at Easter egg hunt time and you’re sure to fool a few hunters since they’ll be camoflauged right into the landscape.

egg picture8. Egg-cellent frames

When it’s time to retire all of your beautifully dyed Easter eggs, why not use the shells for another project, like this mosaic frame featured on Momtastic?

Sit down with the family and crack open your favorite decorated eggs to make your mosaic pieces. Simply arrange the shells on an old frame and affix with some Mod Podge to create a unique frame -- perfect for framing pictures of the kids with Mr. Easter Bunny himself or some action shots of your Easter egg hunt.

peeps9. Hangin’ with my peeps

This adorable shirt by Craft Buds couldn’t be any easier to make! Besides having a tutorial ready to guide you through the process, the site also offers graphics in several designs you can print onto iron-on transfer paper!

You’ll probably even have all the materials you need for the project, because any old T-shirt will do! Have one with a big fat stain on the front? Cover it up with the graphic and you’ve given it new life!

easter bucket10. Chalk it up!

These personalized Easter pails featured on Running with Glitter are darling on one side and competitive on the other!

Adorned with crafty Easter bunnies and names on the front, the back of the pail features a painted square of chalkboard paint on which your little ones can note their final egg tally! We love that these will also make a great addition to a playroom after Easter -- to hold all of those tiny toys looking for a home.

masks11. Hoppy Easter Ears

We came across several DIY rabbit ear tutorials, but this one found over at Babyccino Kids is so clever we had to share!

We love the cotton-ball “fur” and the red and white straws used as whiskers! Your kids will enjoy making them together and you’re sure to have a whole houseful of Easter bunnies hopping around in no time.

This article was updated on March 29, 2017.

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