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17 Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Ideas that'll get your family all atwitter

Published on: December 14, 2011

Celebrate The Angry Birds Movie by shaking your tail feathers at an Angry Birds-themed bash. Whether it's for a "birdsday" or any old day, you're bound to go coo-coo for these festive ideas. And we promise — they're not for the birds.

Angry Birds birthday balloons by The Brown Eyes Have it

Birdie balloons

Now what would an "Angry Birdsday" bash be without some bright and beautiful birdie balloons? Needless to say, these fun guys featured on The Brown Eyes Have It look just like the well-known gaggle that has won us over by way of slingshot.

And the best part: Guest blogger Leslie includes a link to the free printable that she used to make this fantastic balloon bunch, so recreating them for your own birthday celebrant is easy as blackbird pie! Be sure to check out the full post to see what the rest of this Angry Birds-themed birthday blowout included. There's plenty of homemade fun to be had for all ages!

Real life Angry Birds game by Simply Styled Home

Backyard bird slingin'

Mama Maegan of Simply Styled Home shows off this super-cool life-sized Angry Birds game that she created for her daughter's birthday including a giant homemade slingshot!

Using cardboard boxes that have been colored to look like cement and wooden blocks, this neat homemade course offers up hours of fun for pint-sized party-goers! Check out the site for a full tutorial on creating your own homemade slingshot, tips for how to turn giant bouncy balls into soaring birds and grumpy green pigs and much more. 

Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake by My Cake Adventures

Cake birds boss

Don't miss out on this playable Angry Birds cake featured on My Cake Adventures!

Mama Susan decided to try her hand at at creating an interactive birthday treat. As she puts it, "It was a big hit. Literally." Check out her walk-through on how she created this slingshot-soaring party cake-o'-fun if you're considering giving it a shot!

Angry Birds pinata by All Things Thrifty

Bird lover's takedown

We love this homemade Angry Birds pinata featured on All Things Thrifty — and so does Mama Brooke's own daughter!

Featuring the main Angry Birds character, Rio, this homemade festive piñata is easy to make with only a handful of supplies, including paste, a balloon, newspaper strips and construction paper for the outer features.

If you're new to making homemade piñatas, check out this great tutorial featured on Whimsy Love. You'll find a recipe for flour-water paste and plenty of tips!

Angry Birds egg hunt by Mighty Maitz

Egg hunt for the birds

Mama Maita of the blog Mighty Maitz threw her son an Angry Birds birthday party and one of the activities was a hunt for eggs filled with candy. Those darn eggs are tricky — but fun! — to find.

Fill up plastic Easter eggs with treats or small goodies, and hide them around your house or yard for your little chicks to find — quick, easy and a great idea for an all-in-one goodie bag and activity idea. Check out the rest of Maita's post to see what else her son's Angry Birdsday party entailed. There's another take on the giant slingshot, along with other neat ideas, including an Angry Birds video invitation!


Bagel birds

If you're looking for some one-of-a-kind party eats for kids, don't miss out on these easy peasy Angry Birds bagel sandwiches featured on Katrina Cooks.

A super simple idea for making a large amount of food on a budget, these bagel birds are assembled with cheddar cheese, salami, olives, carrots (aka yellow bird noses) and Laughing Cow spreadable Swiss cheese. Overall, an easy idea that's sure to be a hit at this year's "Birdsday" bonanaza!

Cardboard Angry Birds toys by Crafts by Amanda

Cardboard cuties

Crafts By Amanda features these adorable Angry Birds characters made out of cardboard tubes. And the best part? This cool craft can be used for any number of party fun including as a game, art project or take-home party favor.

To make these, you'll want to have some extra paper towel or toilet paper tubes on hand. Other than that, it's just a matter of decking out your characters.

Angry Birds cake pops by The Girl Who Ate Everything

Mini angry cakes

Just like Angry Birds, cake pops have been all the rage lately. So what could be better than to combine the two? Try these little sweets from The Girl Who Ate Everything!

To make your own mini angry cakes, you'll want to have cake mix, candy melts, decorating gel, frosting, decorative sweets and lollipop sticks. (Check out the full post for the complete recipe.) The best part about these pint-sized pops is that they can be used in place of birthday cake or handed out as a goodie bag treat. Talking about killing two birds with one stone!


Brunch, anyone? 

You know what they say: Early bird gets the... waffle?

Consider a party earlier in the day. This is particularly good for little ones and their nap schedules. Not to mention, it frees up your evenings for playing more Angry Birds!

Get inspiration from kojodesigns. Their game-inspired waffle bar includes candy orange slices (the "beaks"), sliced jumbo marshmallows with candy chip eyeballs (the "eyes") and Twizzlers Nibs (the "angry eyebrows").

Anybody else already has reaching for the maple syrup?

Angry Birds pom pom craft by Make and Takes

Pom-pom avengers

We can't get enough of these adorable pom-pom birdies that Makes and Takes made to take out their grumpy, green pig pom -pom counterparts.

Perfect for a homemade game or goodie bag, these yarn-errific feathered friends are a cinch to make.

To get started, you'll need red and green yarn, googly eyes, craft paper and craft glue. Check out the full post for the how-to.

Angry Birds birthday party hats by The Contemplative Creative Project

Put on yer party hat

Mama J of The Contemplative Creative Project shows us just how easy it is to turn ordinary old yellow part hats into a gaggle of Angry Birds. Really, these hats are a must if you're going all out for your little gamers!

To make these hats, you'll need a free printable download, yellow party hats, feathers and invisible tape. J says she chose to make them because she had a great vision of "little kids running around [the] yard with birds on their heads." We'll bet that's exactly what they did — and that they loved every second of it! 

Angry Birds party food by Cheekiemonkies

Fruit fit for a king (pig)

The Cheekiemonkies held their own Angry Birds-themed birthday bash where they turned a watermelon into a King Pig!

To make your own grumbling pig watermelon dessert bowl, simply carve out the inside, fill it up with a variety of fruit (or the desserts of your choice) and make a fabulous pig face out of construction paper for decoration. Easy and delicious!


Angry Birds sugar cookies by Sweet Sugarbelle

Sweet sensations

These cookies may look like they came straight from a high-end bakery, but that's not the case! Sweet Sugarbelle shows us just how easy it is to make these favorite little characters in your own kitchen.

To craft these very adorable angry little birds and pigs, you'll need to gather some flood icing, piping icing and a food color pen.

Sweet Sugarbelle has a three-part series on all of the characters shown, so if you run into problems making your own, be sure to check out her post for excellent tips.

Put a label on it

Ashlee Marie knows the power of a good label on a buffet table. Follow along as she shares her how-to for everything from an Angry Birds birthday cake to "pig snouts" (aka veggies your kids will willingly eat).

Particularly adorable is her creative use of popcorn, blueberries and gummy worms — we mean "bird food." Also check out Ashlee Marie's own spin on cake pops for dessert.

Pop da pig

Ready, aim, fire! This creative game will keep kids entertained for, well, as long as the pigs hold out. has the details but really all you need are some green balloons, a piece of plyboard (or a wall you don't mind sacrificing) and some darks.

Be sure to decorate the balloons to really bring the magic to "Pig Pop." You can either freehand the faces or find one of many templates online.


Deck the halls

No matter the season, your family will get a kick out of these Angry Bird ornaments. Sure, sure they may seem best for December but remove any particularly festive trappings and you've got yourself an easy DIY decoration for your party.

Obsessively Stitching has the step-by-step information, but add these items to your shopping list: plastic ornaments and acrylic paints. Then, put on your creative cap and get to work!

Angry Birds goodie bags by More from the Mohrs

Gamer goodie bags

Mama Katie of More From the Mohrs shows off these great Angry Birds goodie bag ideas, with plenty of coloring and bird-slinging fun inside.

Featuring pom-pom birdies and grumpy little pigs, wooden slingshots and coloring pages (available for free online), these goodies bags should wow any group of birthday gamers.

To make the bags, simply print off the character faces with one of the downloadable links featured in Mama Katie's post, and paste them right on the bags. Super easy, we know!  

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