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20 Creative Birthday Cakes and Treats for Kids

Cool cupcakes, cakes and more creative party desserts

Published on: December 22, 2011

sixtiesSparkling Birthday Sixlets

Now this is one fabulous birthday cake! Featured on Sprinkle Bakes, we are downright infatuated with this gorgeous homemade cake.

Made with the classic Sixlet coated chocolate candies, we have a feeling that this is one cake that will receive some awe-filled glances from party guests both big and small. Don't miss out on the full tutorial and recipe included in this post -- there's some beautiful photography included, along with other homemade Sixlet cakes readers have sent in!

fondueCupcake Fondue Heaven

Yes, there is such a thing as cupcake fondue heaven and we have How Sweet It Is to thank for all of this delicious loveliness!

Perfect for an all-in-one birthday treat and activity idea, your pint-sized party-goers are sure to absolutely love this make-your-own-cupcake set-up. How Sweet's Jessica admits that one of the best parts about this idea is that it's completely customizable. To get started, you'll want to make your mini cupcakes, and Jessica suggests using a vanilla cream glaze, melted white chocolate, or even including a variety of frostings for the fondue part. Other than that, simply pick out your  toppings of choice and have a blast dipping. Just fondue it!

caterpillarCrazy for Caterpillars

Got your own very hungry caterpillar at home? Don't miss out on this fabulous birthday cake idea featured on Coco Cake Cupcakes!

Putting a fun spin on the classic children's book by Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this slinky sweet bugger includes a marching train of cupcakes, a separate cake head, and all of the fun little fondant features to boot. Check out the full post for a fun pictorial on how this delectable caterpillar came to be!

doodle cakeParty Painters

If you're thinking about throwing a blowout birthday bash for your up-and-coming little Picasso, consider making a paintable cake like this one featured on Sweetapolita!

Featuring peanut butter Swiss meringue buttercream, a thin layer of jam, and chocolate cake with a fondant frosting, this PB&J crowd-pleaser can be painted on with a non-toxic luster or pedal dust mixture (found on Amazon) once the fondant has been chilled. Perfect for preschoolers and up, we're sure this is one idea that will have everyone busy at work before the special day's big meal! Recipes and a great pictorial are included on the site -- as Mama Rosie puts it, "Peanut butter and meringue? That is so right." Can't argue there!

icecream coneCupcake Cone Cool

Ice cream cone cupcakes have been creeping their way into some of our must-read baking blogs in the past couple years -- but these cupcake cone cuties featured on Fake Ginger might just be our new favorite!

Easily made by sticking an ice cream cone on top of the cupcakes before they begin to bake, these cool cupcakes are sure to get some giggles out of your gaggle of guests -- and they're also a great idea for an indoor winter "ice cream" party. Mama Amanda says that the batter works its way into the cone as it cooks and that they're truly as simple as just adding a cone on top. Check out the full post for the recipe and more tips!

worm cakeDirty, Wormy Fun

Family Friendly Food offers up this darling idea for making birthday dirt cake -- and we're pretty sure that this is one treat that will certainly leave your little green thumbs just itching to dig right in!

Made in plastic beach pails with fresh herbs and gummy worms poking out, this gritty-good dirt cake comes complete with crushed-up Oreos and layers of creamy vanilla pudding (full recipe included on the site). Overall, a great birthday treat for a spring or summer outdoor birthday bash, and certainly one that gardeners of all ages will absolutely love!

jar cakesJars of Birthday Goodness

Making desserts in jars has been a huge trend in recent years -- and these sweet jarred cupcakes featured on Glorious Treats are a perfect example of just why that is!

Once you've finished baking and cooling your cupcakes as usual, simply cut the bottom of the cake off and put it in the jar. Pipe in a layer of frosting, add the middle of the cupcake, and keep repeating the cake and icing layers. Once you've made it to the top of the jar, finish it off with a shower of colorful sprinkles, and you're all set! We couldn't agree more with Gloria when she says, "Everything, it seems, looks better in a jar!" Check out the full post for Gloria's chocolate cupcake and vanilla cream cheese frosting recipes and more helpful tips.

cookie cakesCookie Cake Cuties

We can't get enough of these lovely birthday cake cookies featured on Spearmint Baby. We first saw these sweet little treats being bounced around on Pinterest -- and you can only imagine how many times they've been repinned!

Similar to Oreos with frosting sandwiched in between two cookies, these birthday cookies are made with the usual cake batter, and then baked on a sheet by the spoonful as you would with cookies. Overall, we love this clever way of reinventing birthday cake -- and especially the fact that this treat is inexpensive and easy! Check out Spearmint Baby for the full recipe.

monster cakeMonster Mash

It's pretty safe to say that if you've got a monster-lovin' tot at home, he's sure to go bananas for a cool critter cake like this one featured on Makoodle!

Offering up cake pop eyeballs with chocolate chips, frosting that's been piped to look like fuzzy fur, a mouthful of teeth made with Wilton frosting, and three tiers of monster-y cake goodness, this fun birthday sweet could also work just as well for an annual Halloween bash. Be sure to check out the rest of Makoodle's recipes while you're there -- she's got plenty more monsters and critters on parade!

barkBirthday Beauty Bark

Noted by Stephanie of Stephanie Cooks as her "new favorite 'dessert' recipe," we can't get enough of this birthday cake batter bark that she's cooked up!

Though Stephanie made this for a New Year's Eve party, we think this beautiful bark would be perfect as a birthday table treat or goodie bag inclusion for your little party guests. It's also incredibly easy to make and only requires microwave and freezing time for the whopping total of four ingredients. Inexpensive, quick, and simple -- just the way we like it!

rainbow cakeOver the Rainbow

Featured on Whisk Kid, it doesn't get much better (or more colorful) then this epic rainbow birthday cake gives Rainbow Brite a serious run for her money!

Made out of colorful layers of cake with a lemony Swiss meringue buttercream, Whisk Kid Kaitlin recommends using gel food coloring rather than liquid to achieve the vibrant colors in this tall rainbow-rrific cake. Check out the rest of the post for the full recipe -- there's also a link included for when Kaitlin made this cake on The Martha Stewart Show (wow!), and a fun time-lapse video of this cake being made by one of Kaitlin's readers.

brownie popsBrownie Pops for All

Another fun spoof on ice cream treats, Mama Megan of Crazy Domestic said that her "daughter's eyes were as big as saucers" when she saw these birthday popsicle brownies. And it's easy to see why!

Simply made with regular old brownie mix, popsicle sticks, and sprinkles, the "popsicles" get their colorful coating from melted almond bark and food coloring. Overall, a great idea for your little princess' big day, or for goodie bag treats, these birthday "popsicles" are sure to impress everyone at your next bash!

cake ice creamCreamy Cool Cake

Speaking of popsicles and truly cool birthday treats, Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body offers up a delicious recipe for making birthday cake batter ice cream -- perfect for you Cold Stone Creamery fans out there!

Originally deciding to make this homemade ice cream because she wanted to stay away from the partially hydrated oils in the store-bought version, Mama Julia explains that she also ran into this problem while trying to find a cake mix to add. Her solution? To make it completely from scratch with plenty of homemade goodness, and no hidden bad ingredients! Check out Julia's post for the full recipe and other tips on making your own homemade ice cream.

dino cupcakesDino Desserts

If your wild child is all about dinosaurs, why not give him exactly what he's been hoping for with some rad dino cupcakes, like these presented on A Baked Creation!

Featuring well-known popular dinosaurs as fondant cupcake toppers, Another Baked Creation offers up tutorials on how they created both the sweet stegosaurus, and the mighty T. Rex. Not only do these prehistoric critters look darn cute atop their birthday cupcakes, but they also look like a whole lot of fun to make!

monster cupcakesMonster Madness

Though Gina included these fancy little monster cupcakes for Halloween on her blog Top That!, we think they'd also make excellent birthday treats for the kids out there who love all things monsters.

Featuring Dum Dum lollipops, M&Ms, and gummy rings, these colorful critter cupcakes are a candy lover's dream come true! Check out the full post for the recipe and a couple cupcake book recommendations for making more fun and kooky creations.

krispie cakesKrispie Cakes

Love Rice Krispie treats? We do too! And that's exactly why we are totally crushing on these birthday cake batter-flavored Rice Krispie party treats served up on Sweet Baby Mason James.

Besides including a 1/2 cup of cake mix (Mama Jade used French vanilla) and sprinkles, this Rice Krispie treat recipe is the same as usual -- marshmallows, butter, and a healthy dose of the snap-crackle-pop cereal. All in all, this birthday treat idea is perfect for busy moms out there who are on a budget, as well as a great pick for take-home goodie bag treats!

robot cupcakesRockin' Robots

Robots are all the rage with kids and parents alike, and these gorgeous birthday cupcakes included on Hello Naomi couldn't be cooler!

Offering fondant robot body parts on each cupcake, this cool birthday bunch can be mixed and matched to make new robots with different outfits. Gotta love that! You'll want to peep Hello Naomi's Flickr page for a wide variety of additional mix-n-match cupcake ideas -- including favorites such as Super Mario Brothers, PacMan, Legos, and more!

sprinklesSprinkle Sensations

From the makers of the stunning Sixlet cake, The Decorate Cookie features a fabulous guest post by Sprinkle Bakes on how to make these adorable mini sprinkle cookies. 'Cause really, life is always better with sprinkles!

Perfect for a bite-sized birthday treat, these chocolate cookies have an easy creamy filling (vanilla, powdered sugar, and butter), with plenty of sprinkles on the outside for a fun array of bright colors. Sprinkle Bake's Heather recommends using soft sprinkles like those found in the ice cream section. The best part about these cookies -- Heather also shows you how to make them into cookie pops!

piratesPirate Party Munchies

Leave it to Sweet Sugarbelle to have the cutest pirate cookies on the block. These homemade little mateys are perfect for your terrific tot's big birthday bash -- bonus: they're easy to make!

Cleverly made using a Christmas ornament cookie cutter, these swashbuckling cookies only require a little bit of black outlining icing and flood icing in red, white, and skin-toned colors. Check out the full tutorial for Callye's great tips -- for how perfect these pirates are, we think you'll be nicely surprised by how easy they are to make as well!

lego cakesLego Love

Mama Rianne of Art of Dessert not only made a gigantic Rice Krispie treat Lego cake for her son's birthday, but she also made these gorgeous mini Lego cupcake toppers.

Certainly one treat that will impress Lego fanatics of all ages, both the Rice Krispie treat cake and these sweet little toppers are made out of colorful rolled-out fondant. Exactly why they look so smooth and seamless! If you're looking to make a Lego cake with regular frosting, be sure to check out Food Family Finds -- they've got all of the right info you'll need to get started.

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