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20 Homemade Goody Bag Ideas

Published on: December 28, 2011

krispiesLittle Birthday Dippers

What would a birthday blowout be without some sprinkle-laden party treats? Featured on Celebrations at Home, we love these Rice Krispie treat dippers -- they are perfect for bite-sized take-home goodies!

To make your own, simply bake up a batch of Rice Krispie treat balls, and set out some bowls with fun toppings -- such as crushed Oreos, sprinkles, mini candies, melted chocolate, or frosting. If you want to turn your treats into pops, just add a lollipop stick before the balls have completely cooled. Super-easy, great for a hands-on activity, and certainly one sweet that'll be just as delicious the next day at home!

bubblesBubble Up

Everyone loves an afternoon with bubble blowing -- and these take-home bubbles and homemade wands presented on Ewe Hooo! work perfectly as a goody bag favor for bubble enthusiasts of all ages.

Including these fun treats for little Mackenzie's big birthday bash, Mama Melanie made the wands out of pipe cleaners and the homemade labels are available in her Etsy shop in a full garden party package. If you are hoping to go the homemade route, Make and Takes offers up an easy-peasy homemade bubble solution recipe. Pair that with some nicely decorated Mason jars and you're in business!

doughHomemade Play Dough

A classic childhood favorite, Mini-Eco features this gorgeous DIY, naturally made play dough -- and we think this is one fun toy that your party guests will absolutely love to find in their bag o' treats!

Made using water dyed with natural ingredients (including raspberries, strawberries, beetroot, rose petals, turmeric, and blueberries), this colorful play dough is a cinch to make and it's sure to provide hours of fun for the little ones. Check out the full post for a complete tutorial, tips, and Mama Kate's go-to play dough recipe.

pushpop planesJust Plane Perfect

Caroline of Armelle Blog made these dazzling little Push Pop planes for an airplane party goody bag treat, and we absolutely love this idea!

Easily made with Push Pop candies, sticks of fruit-striped gum, Lifesavers, and elastic hair bands, these tasty little planes are sure to be a complete hit with your party-goin' guests. Be sure to also check out the rest of this post for other airplane-related goody bag ideas -- Caroline has some high-flying, DIY'ing inclusions!

fingerpaintFor the Little Artists

Planning an artistic party for your young Picasso and looking for goody bag ideas? Don't miss out on Easie Peasie's bright idea for homemade fingerpaint!

A fun and festive goody bag favor for kids who can never get enough color, this fingerpaint recipe is easy to make with only sugar, salt, water, cornstarch, and food coloring. Mama Tiffany recommends reusing baby food jars (as shown), and she says that this paint is a great alternative for younger tots who seem to like to "taste test" things, as there are no harmful chemicals included.

mustacheMustache Marvelous

Does your little one go gaga over silly disguises? Be sure to check out these fabulous chocolate mustache lollipops featured on Amy Is the Party!

Quick and easy to make, these cool mustache pops are perfect for all ages (including adults!) and can be used in between bites as funny face masks. To make your own, you'll want to purchase a mustache lollipop mold (link included in post), lollipop sticks, and candy melts. Simply melt your candy of choice, add it to the mold, and wait for the pops to solidify. All in all, a fun party favor idea that's sure to provide plenty of inconito play!

facemasksMasters of Disguise

And speaking of silly-fun homemade disguises, we can't get enough of these DIY paper glasses by Giddy Giddy on BKids Crafts!

Simply made using thick cardstock, paints, markers, and dazzling decorative additions, Mama Teri says that these "fun glasses" always play a role during dress-up time, as they can quickly "transform [them] into little old ladies, crazy goons, movie stars, robots," and more. For a birthday party, either set up a table for the tots to make their own masks, or have the birthday girl help you personalize them for guests' goody bags the night before. Either way, there will surely be plenty of good times, silly party snaps, and party memories in the making!

gumdropsGoody Bag Gumdrops

If you're hoping to whip up some goody bag favorites in the kitchen this year, don't miss out on the always-amazing Bakerella's recipe for making homemade gumdrops.

Made with a bit of chilling time in between steps and ingredients, including non-flavored gelatin, water, sugar, flavored extract, and food coloring, Bakerella does an excellent job of walking you through how to make these bright and colorful classic candies. If you're also interested in offering the bag that's shown, you're in luck -- you'll find a printable .PDF included in the full post.

crayonsCool Upcycled Crayons

Got extra crayon bits hanging around the art table? Turn them into alphabet crayons like these featured on Life in Grace!

Whether you decide to spell out each child's name in a personalized bag, or just offer a variety of letters for coloring and spelling, we're sure this is one goody bag treat that'll get plenty of love! Simply made with silicone alphabet trays and broken crayons, these upcycled crayons are crazy-easy to make with only a little bit of oven time needed. Check out the rest of the tutorial for tips and recommended baking time.

crownsBirthday Queens and Kings

If you've got a party packed with pint-sized royalty, why not make them some gorgeous personalized birthday crowns, like these beauties shown on I Make Stuff.

Though these crowns look rather regal, Mama Deena swears that they're quick and easy, only taking up about 10 minutes each. To make your own, you'll want to have scrapbook cardstock on hand, along with scissors, double-sided tape, glue, and a sewing machine. Check out Deena's full tutorial to see how you can recreate the "Wendy" font she used, and for a great pictorial guide.

lipglossGlossy Gorgeous

If you're throwing a party for a gaggle of pretty little princesses, consider checking out this homemade lip gloss featured on Meet the Dubiens.

Perfect for a girly-girly goody bag inclusion, this DIY lip gloss is easily made with only two ingredients: Kool-Aid and vaseline. No joke! Be sure to check out the full post for helpful tips on making your own homemade lip smackers -- after some of Mama Jill's readers had problems with their gloss coming out correctly, she added updated info on the problems that were coming up and how to solve them.

slimeSensational Slime

Though Mama Katelyn of Domestic Charm made this homemade slime for her son's Halloween party, we think this gooey glow-in-the-dark goodness would also make for a pretty exciting birthday party favor at any time during the year! 

Made using clear Elmer's Glue, Borax, water, glow-in-the-dark paint, and neon green food coloring, this homemade slime is sure to enchant your little ones with its vibrant color and glowing ability. Check out the full post for the recipe and printable versions of Katelyn's homemade slimy-cool labels.

fishFestive Fish

Perfect for an "under the sea"-themed birthday bash, we are absolutely taken with these homemade mini Jello aquarium jars included on Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. So incredible, right?

Mama Kristan admits that it took her awhile to figure out how to get the candy in the bottom without it getting soggy from the Jello. She realized that if you set the Jello to mold into one jar and then add it later to another jar that has candy already in the bottom, you won't have to sacrifice your colorful candy rocks. Check out her full tutorial and recipe for all of the details -- this is one goody bag idea that's sure to have your young fish fanatics beaming in awe!

comic bookComic Book Kids

Got a young graphic novelist in the making? Treat him or her to a birthday filled with comic delight -- and include these cool homemade comic book pages featured on Zakka Life as a create-your-own-story party favor!

A fabulous way to give mini adventure lovers the chance to put their brimming minds to work on creating the next epic tale, these pages are printed on cardstock and ready for action. Check out Zakka Life's full post for the free printable templates -- Mama Jessica has all the pages you'll need for your little one's upcoming good vs. evil escapades!

piñataPinata Party Presents

Though Mama Brittany of One Charming Party made these adorable pinatas in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we also think they'd be pretty darn cool tucked inside a festive goody bag.

Simply made using two paper cones, a ribbon, hot glue, and decorative tissue paper, these colorful pinata treat holders are easy to assemble, inexpensive, and don't require any papier-mâché work! Check out One Charming Party for the full scoop and great ideas for decorating your own mini birthday pinata poppers.

colorsColorful Birthday Fun

If there's one thing that we know kids can't get enough of, it's colorful new art supplies -- and that's exactly why we love Meet the Dubien's idea for making homemade bubble bath paint.

Perfect as a take-home treat for younger tots attending your big bash, this bright and beautiful bath paint is easily made with baby bubble bath or body wash, corn starch, and a few drops of food coloring. Mama Jill says that the paint only took her a couple of minutes to make, yet it kept her kids busy painting and happy during bath time, and as a huge bonus -- it washes away easily once the fun is all over. Pair your new painting colors with some recycled mini jars and you're on your way to artistic goody bag perfection!

ispyFantastic Finds

If your tot loves digging around in the sensory table for neat finds or playing the classic game of "I Spy," consider making up some of your own DIY I Spy bottles, like this one included on Counting Coconuts.

Mama Mari-Ann said that once she began making these bottles for her son, she couldn't stop -- and her great tutorial features a wide variety of themed bottle ideas that she's already made! To get started on your own, simply find fun trinkets and objects to add, mix them in with colorful rice, and once the bottle is 2/3 full (room for shaking), seal the lid with hot glue. Overall, a great goody bag idea for younger kids, and one that can be personalized or themed to match your child's party, yet provide plenty of future everyday entertainment.

bongosBirthday Music Makers

Mini-Eco offers up this creative idea for making homemade instruments -- resulting in one birthday favor that would be equally great for a hands-on party activity.

Featuring a balloon bongo, a rice shaker, and a guiro, Mama Kate says that these DIY instruments were fun and easy to make, and that she gave her son a set of chopsticks for playing the guiro. To make your own, you'll want to have balloons, rubber bands, rice or lentils, and some empty tin cans that do not have sharp edges. We have a feeling that these cool musical instruments are sure to have your tots movin' and shakin' to their own beat in no time!

gummy goodsGummy Goods

If you're looking for a simple way to package some fun sweets in your guests' birthday goody bags, don't miss out on Hostess with the Mostess' idea for making DIY gummy candy skewers.

A clever idea for busy moms who are planning a bash on a budget, simply hit up your grocery store's bulk-food section for some tasty fun gummy characters, poke them onto a skewer, and you've got a colorful treat that's ready for your mini party-goers. Check out the full post for Stephanie's easy packaging tips and great ideas for themed parties.

chalkChalkin' It Up

If you're throwing an outdoor birthday blast this year, consider checking out Mad Maggie Designs' neat DIY idea for making homemade sidewalk chalk.

Certainly one party treat that's sure to entertain your artsy party guests long after the event has ended, this homemade chalk is easy and inexpensive to make. To get started, you'll want to have toilet paper tubes or desired molds on hand, along with Plaster of Paris, water, a variety of tempera paint, wax paper, and duct tape. Mama Leslie also notes that you can even make your own glow-in-the-dark chalk, which would be a fun idea for summer evenings. Check out the full post for the complete recipe and tutorial.

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