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18 Homemade Mother's Day Gifts That Kids Can Make

Try one of these budget-friendly and impressive DIY Mother's Day gifts

Published on: March 27, 2017

gift du jour1. Gift du jour

Do you know a mom who is worthy of the title "World's Best Cook"? Let Mom announce her signature dishes daily with this darling DIY chalkboard menu presented on Momtastic. You'll instantly turn your family kitchen into a darling French café!

To get started, you'll need an unfinished wood frame, wood glue, black contact paper (but you could also use chalkboard paint) and paint. If you're using the contact paper option, the kiddos will need help from an adult to get a precise cut. Your home's top chef is sure to get a kick out future meal planning with this handy sous chef!

corky vases2. Corky vases

We're huge fans of gifts that can multitask. These cork vases featured on the Papernstitch blog pull double-duty as a vase for plants and a place for Mom to pin her favorite photos and keepsakes.

Simply made using old cans, spray paint, craft glue and a roll of cork, the finished product is a lovely desk topper that Mom will treasure long after Mother's Day. The kiddos will need help with the cutting and gluing, but they'll love thinking up ideas of what to put in and around these cork vases for the big reveal!

boot3. Give 'em the boot!

Looking for a Mother's Day gift for your favorite gardening mama? These adorable herb garden boots featured on Homespun with Love are sure to put your little green thumbs to work creating a fun garden addition for Mom!

Start by poking several drainage holes in the bottom of a pair of old or outgrown rain boots, and use the inside of the boot to pot Mom's favorite herbs, like peppermint, sage or parsley. Then the family will have fresh herbs on hand whenever needed! 

vases4. Vases to-go

We love this idea for a "six-pack" of DIY flower vases by Creekside Learning! Originally dreamed up by creative mom Julie as a gift for her 6-year-old, her daughter in turn filled all of the vases with flowers and "spread the love" by delivering them to her siblings and parents. So cute!

This Mother's Day, why not have your tots each make a mini-arrangement of flowers for Mom with handmade cards, and hide them throughout the house for her to find all day long? After an adult's help with cleaning and spray-painting the bottles, the kids will have a ball creating their arrangements and special notes for their favorite lady.

bird necklace5. A sweet tweet

It doesn't get much sweeter than receiving homemade jewelry — and this adorable tweet-worthy bird necklace featured on Made by Joel is sure to steal Mom's heart!

Simply made using shaped wire, dad Joel says that he only had to bend the wire using pliers and then hammer it flat to create this beautiful, delicate birdie. Get ready for the best part: He was able to finish the entire pendant in only 15 minutes!

This Mother's Day, have the kids dream up a few whimsical designs that Mom might enjoy for her very own sweet pendant. Older kids may be able to bend the wire into shapes by themselves, but younger children can coach an adult into making the shapes they want. Or have them use pipe cleaners to join the hands-on fun!

heartmap6. From the heart

We love the idea of turning a "heart mapping" project such as this one from Imagination Soup into a special gift. All you'll need is paper and drawing tools to create a one-of-a-kind art project for Mom.

To get your tots going, start with a heart drawn on paper and then have them write down all of the things they admire about Mom or are thankful for. They can create a space for each item, and even include their favorite memories! The finished product is sure to be one piece of kid art that Mom will want to frame. 

survival kit7. Mom's survival kit

It seems like moms are always prepared for any situation — just look at the size of their handbags! This petite "kit" made from an ordinary potholder (!) featured over at Eighteen25 is a great DIY gift for the Supermom in your life.

To make your own, you'll need a square potholder, a button, ribbon and snack-sized, zippered plastic bags. Your kids may need a hand with the sewing machine, but they can also focus on finding the perfect small items to include in Mom's new kit (think Band-Aids, gum, cough drops, tweezers — all of the goodies that gather at the bottom of her purse). 

box of love8. Box of love

Talk about a unique gift! We can't get enough of this adorable idea for making a DIY "box of love" featured on Let's Lasso the Moon. All you'll need is a small box (like an old jewelry box, gift box or other small box from your recycling bin), paints, ribbon and a little bit of imagination!

What's special about the box is what's inside: Love! Creative mama Zina even offers up a poem that you can include with the box. The end of the poem reads, "You only have to hold this gift and know I think of you. You never can unwrap it. Please leave the ribbon tied. Just hold the box close to your heart. It’s filled with love inside." What a great way to show Mom you care!

stepping stone9. Stepping stones

Here's yet another gift idea for the green-thumb mamas out there: cement stepping stones (with a little sparkle!) found over at Pink and Green Mama. You can get all of your kiddos involved, and the finished stepping stones are a great addition to any backyard garden.

To make these sweet mosaics, you'll want to have quick-dry cement, cereal boxes and any embellishments you'd like to use as decoration (try buttons, marbles, rocks or shells) on hand. Once the boxes are loaded with cement, it's time for your young artists to take over! Once the bedazzling is all finished, wait for the stones to dry and then tear off the boxes. Overall, it's an easy and budget-friendly Mother's Day gift!

trays10. Multitasking trays

We love this Mother's Day gift idea for a DIY wooden tray found over at Prudent Baby. The finished project will look so great, Mom will surely think it's come straight from her favorite shop!

To start on Mom's new favorite tray, have your kids take a look around the house to identify colors that she's sure to love. You'll need a main paint color for the unfinished wood tray and some accent paper (or fabric) that can be cut to size and Mod Podge-d onto the tray. Your kids will get a kick out of picking out the colors, and Mom is sure to love the custom touches! Why not add a box of tea or coffee to complete the gift?

fingerprints11. Family of fingerprints

This idea from Busy Kids Happy Mom was so clever we just had to share! The beautiful painting shown is made of individual fingerprints painted inside of a large dove stencil.

Happy mom Kristen thought up the project for her little ones and her nieces and nephews to make as a heartfelt gift for their grandmother. Each child had a different color, and they mailed the canvas back and forth across the country until it was finished! She even sent around several prints so each family could have one. Check out the full post for helpful tips on coordinating this creative family project!

paper flowers12. Paper petals

We love these fun modern paper flowers featured over at Made by Joel! For these atypical blooms you'll need scissors, colorful paper circles and stem wire — simplicity at its finest!

Your pint-sized florists can practice their shapes by drawing and cutting out circles and other fun shapes. Attach one circle to the shaped wire stand, and then fold the others to make a small notch in the middle. Align the petals onto the center circle and, voilà! Consider making a baker's dozen for a gorgeous field of freestanding flowers to display around your home!

hanging basket13. Just hangin' out

For the urban mamas out there who have limited garden space, this idea from Everyday Art is a practical (and beautiful!) Mother's Day gift that will last throughout the spring and summer.

The tutorial features hanging baskets with a combination of bell peppers, tomatoes and flowers. The top tip for a healthy basket? Use good-quality soil. The tomatoes can be tricky, so be sure to check out the full post for handy tips and tricks. The kids will love picking out Mom's favorite plants and getting their hands dirty!

jack in the box14. Pop goes the kiddo!

Originally posted as an April Fool's idea, we think this "Jack in the box" photo craft by BKids Crafts would be just as fun for a Mother's Day gift.

Simply made using a small box, paper accordion, confetti and a picture of your favorite mini, this surprise photo box is sure to delight Mom and give her a good giggle! After Mother's Day is over, she can display the quirky craft on a bookshelf or on her desk for whenever she needs a smile.  

candles15. Creative candles

Candles are an easy gift that can sometimes come across as impersonal, but not these cuties from Come Together Kids! To personalize your own waxy wonders, you'll need a light-colored pillar candle, white tissue paper, acrylic paints and wax paper.

First, have your tots decorate a piece of cut tissue paper with whatever pattern they choose. Then, they'll need an adult to help use a hair dryer to adhere the design to the candle (check out the post for foolproof instructions). The finished product has a personalized touch that's sure to light up Mom's big day!

memories16. Vacation memories

This vacation memory jar featured on Echoes of Laughter is not only a charming gift idea for Mother's Day, but a great learning activity for your kids!

First, have them think of a recent vacation that your family took. What sights, sounds or smells do they remember? They'll enjoy searching for related items they can include in the jar along with a family photo, and Mom will love to display the keepsake. To add a special touch, mom Angie uses scrapbooking embellishments; check out the rest of her tutorial for more tips.

seeds17. Pockets of seeds

These adorable seed pouches by Curly Birds couldn't be any easier to make, and since you can make a whole batch at once, you'll have enough to give out to all of the special ladies in your family this Mother's Day!

To create these sweet seed pouches, you'll need squares of burlap material, potting soil, seeds and twine. Your little ones will love getting their hands messy and choosing the seeds. Tie up the little pockets, bury them directly in the ground and you'll soon have flowers to cheer your family long past Mother's Day!

ten things18. Things to love about Mom

Get your whole family together to make this sweet list of "Things to Love About Mom" by The Creative Place. Crafty blogger Ashley even includes a printable download you can use to create your own mini-book.

Put your littles to work hunting for patterned paper or other inspiring scraps (like magazine pages or old envelopes) that remind them of Mom. These will add a little color to the mini-book. Then, have the whole family fill out a card or two. What a great idea for showing Mom all of the many reasons why you love her!

This article was updated on March 27, 2017.

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