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18 Thanksgiving Desserts and Treats for Families

Serve up something special this holiday season

Published on: October 12, 2018

18 Thanksgiving Desserts and Treats for Families

Holiday donuts

Delightful holiday donuts

Got a house-full of donut lovers? Treat them to some homemade, baked pumpkin ice cream glazed donuts this Thanksgiving, like these ones featured on Picky Palate. And, yes, you heard right... Ice cream... Pumpkin... Donuts!

Homemade donuts may have always seemed unachievable without a deep fryer, but Mama Jenny shows you just how easy these delicious baked treats can be, and how ice cream can be used for a "bouncy texture" with a "vanilla kick." (Downright heavenly, we know!) Check out the full post for an excellent walk-through and recipe.

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