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10 Super-Cool Family Memberships to Try This Summer

Rock your summer (and beyond) exploring nature, animals, history and more

Author Elisa Murray

Published on: June 25, 2019

10 Super-Cool Family Memberships to Try This Summer

Roller coaster at Remlinger Farms. Credit: Nancy Chaney

Remlinger Farms

With expansive grounds, a petting zoo and a mini amusement park that will thrill the most jaded preschooler (and seriously, probably up through third grade), Remlinger Farms is our region’s pint-sized Disneyland. So while the price of a season pass ($78.75 per person) might seem expensive, if you live nearby and want to take full advantage, it might well be worth it. You’ll get free admission through October to the farm’s Country Family Fun Park, which includes rides such as a small (but quite exciting) roller coaster, steam train, antique cars and canoe channel, as well as live performances and admission to the 4-H barnyard. 

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