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Best Rainy-Day Parks and Playgrounds Around Seattle and the Eastside

Covered playgrounds, rain-friendly trails, puddle-jumping fun

Published on: October 08, 2020


Don't let a little drizzle keep you inside

Editor's note: The wet season is nearly upon us, but this year is going to be a bit different. We're still in a global pandemic, but we still need to get outside. This article was first published a few years ago, but the listed parks remain great rainy-day destinations. While you're visiting these parks, note that many cities — but not all — have reopened their playgrounds. Likewise, not all of the indoor facilities or cafes mentioned are open — double-check before you go if you want to be sure, as open status can change day by day. Gear up, mask up and go play!

As a family with three very active boys, we spend our summers at parks and playgrounds, burning off all that fantastic kid energy. Although colder weather usually means more time indoors, I learned early on in my parenting career that there’s no need to stay inside on a wet day. Whether we’re hiking on a trail with good tree cover, puddle jumping or watching a storm roll in on a beach, it’s always exhilarating to be outside. Here are some of our favorite rainy-day parks to play in, as well as some of the closest hot-chocolate destinations.

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