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Top 10 Summer Camp Movies for Families

Get ready for camp with these family-friendly films

Published on: January 31, 2018

Top 10 Summer Camp Movies for Families

The Parent Trap movies

'The Parent Trap' (1961, 1998)

Recommended for 6 and up; 1961, rated G; 1998, rated PG

You get a two for one with "The Parent Trap" because both versions — the original 1961 version with Hayley Mills and the updated 1998 version with Lindsay Lohan — are charming and fun. While both deal parents been lied to (or withholding information from) their children, it's easy to overlook the premise and enjoy the films for what they are intended to be. The updated version contains more implications of sex and drinking than the original but not in any way that is particularly objectionable.

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