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5 Book and Adventure Pairings for Northwest Kids

From Sasquatch to 'Storm Boy,' stories come alive for Seattle-area families

Published on: August 31, 2017

5 Book and Adventure Pairings for Northwest Kids

snow leopard

'The Snow Leopard' by Jackie Morris (ages 5–9)

snow leopardA poetic recounting of a snow leopard who takes a young girl under her paw when the girl’s village burns down, this tale emphasizes the connection between people, animals and earth. Set in the rugged Himalayas, The Snow Leopard stands out for its gorgeous full-page watercolors. British author Jackie Morris is a long-time partner of the Snow Leopard Trust, and in 2013 took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Woodland Park Zoo to see snow leopards.

Outing: A visit to the snow leopard exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo, of course! With a snow leopard cub born in July, now is an especially great time to check them out.

Additional reads: Seeking the Snow Leopard by Jon Miceler (ages 8–12).

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