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15 Thanksgiving Decorations That Kids Can Make

Celebrate the season with these festive (and fun!) ideas

Published on: October 23, 2018

15 Thanksgiving Decorations That Kids Can Make

Salad-spen turkey

Salad-spun turkey

Sometimes kitchen utensils can turn out to be the most entertaining (and versatile!) toys of them all — and that’s exactly why we love this vibrant, salad-spun turkey featured on Dilly-Dali Art! To make your own multicolored feathered friends, simply pull out your family’s trusty salad spinner, along with some leftover toilet paper tubes and paper plates (and don’t forget the googly eyes!). Put the plates in the spinner, add a couple dabs of colorful paint, and have your tots spin their way to creating this year’s bright and beautiful Thanksgiving decorations. Overall, a great project for the littles and one that’s sure to bring joy to everyone seated at this year’s table!

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