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10 Great Resources for Family Volunteering in Seattle

Published on: March 26, 2012

Family volunteering opportunities in Seattle1. United Way. United Way has comprehensive databases with volunteering opportunities, and allows you to search specifically for family-friendly volunteer options.

- United Way Pierce County
- United Way King County
United Way Snohomish County

2. The Volunteer Family. Started by a mom searching for ways to volunteer with her family, The Volunteer Family is a nonprofit organization that lists ideas and opportunities specifically for families. Check the volunteering matching section of the site for opportunities in your area.

3. Volunteer Match. Volunteer Match is another helpful search engine that finds opportunities near you.

4. Doing Good Together. A nonprofit and online resource dedicated to inspiring families to volunteer, Doing Good Together is great for both when you have five minutes, or five hours to give. Its Kitchen Table section is particularly helpful, with numerous ideas and resources on giving back without leaving your home.

5. GenerationOn. GenerationOn offers up a fun and creative list of 65 ideas for children and families to serve the community.

6. Learning to Give. A site that provides lessons and resources on giving and volunteerism, civic engagement and character through service activities, Learning to Give has lots of good info. Check out its section for parents or for homeschoolers.

7. Solid Ground. A network of Western Washington community services that has been providing resources and care for families struggling with poverty for decades. Solid Ground lists many individual and group volunteer opportunities, including many that are family friendly, from gardening with the Lettuce Link program to grocery delivery for the home-bound.

8. Volunteer Washington. Volunteer Washington is a comprehensive umbrella website listing volunteer match websites across Washington State.

9. ParentMap Directory. Our online directory lists many family-friendly community-based nonprofits that might offer volunteer opportunities.

10. ParentMap's Family Guide to Volunteering. Our guide is packed with resources on how to give back as a family.


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