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'Frozen' Fun: 14 Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

A roundup of the coolest Disney-themed invitations, games, cakes, party treats, favors and more!

Published on: May 03, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas Disney Movie Invites Elsa Sven Easy Affordable

Who doesn't love the Disney Film Frozen? Considering that it is the highest-grossing animated film of all time — not many! Frozen movie offers many great themes for a birthday party or just a fun get-together with Olaf the snowman, Sven the reindeer and of course princesses Anna and Elsa. From ice- and snow-inspired food to winter wonderland activities, a Frozen party will delight birthday girls and boys alike.

Movie Ticket-Style Frozen Invites

Set the tone for your Frozen party with a cool invite. Jenn over at the Rook No. 17 blog created these movie ticket-style invitations. Available as a free printable on her blog, she even includes a printable envelope template. Cute and colorful, these are just the ticket to a great Frozen party!

Frozen birthday party ideas easy affordable decorations

Snowflake Tree Centerpiece

For a fun table centerpiece, look no further than the Paisley Petal Events blog. This blogger filled a clear vase with blue and silver round Christmas ornaments, and then added white branches. Dangling snowflakes complete the frosty look. Can’t find blue and white Christmas ornaments? Just use blue and clear marbles. For snowflakes, use more ornaments like they did, or check out your local craft or scrapbook store, they carry winter-themed papers and chipboard cut-outs yearround.

frozen birthday party ideas elsa decor

Elsa’s Winter Wonderland Tablescape

Kendra over at the Me and My Insanity blog created this icy tablescape for her Frozen party. Dig out your Christmas decorations and get creative in creating your own winter scene. Kendra used blue Christmas lights and icicle lights along with snowflake ornaments. A clear shower curtain hung behind the table resembles a sheet of ice. Figurines from the movie and a great cake complete the Frozen look.

frozen birthday party ideas snowflake banner easy

Snowflake Birthday Banner

SocialFrills on Etsy offers this beautiful birthday banner — Frozen-style. Banner pieces are cut from shimmery cardstock and hung on satin ribbon, and you can even request a different color to align with your own color scheme. These snowflakes can be personalized with the birthday kid’s name, making this the perfect addition to your party décor.

Frozen birthday party ideas sven snack mix

Sven’s Snack Mix

This frosty recipe comes from the EverydaySavy blog. Melissa mixed up crunchy, savory snacks with blue and white York Peppermint minis to create Sven’s Snack Mix. This looks pretty in a big bowl on the snack table, or she suggests handing out individual portions in little cups, especially for younger kiddos and reindeer.

Frozen birthday party ideas cupcake toppers free printables

Printable Frozen Cupcake Toppers

Kevin Hale, the artist behind HaleGrafx, made these free printable cupcake toppers. Featuring Elsa, Olaf, Sven and two different snowflakes, these print out 12 to a sheet for a perfect dozen. Use these cute toppers on blue and white frosted cupcakes for a beautiful — and yummy — addition to your table!

Frozen blue punch disney party ideas food drinks

Frozen Blue Punch

How about a Frozen beverage to round out the icy blue theme? Tara over at the Our Journey blog made this drink from frozen blue Hawaiian punch and Sprite. This will look so pretty when stored in a clear jug or punch bowl and served in blue or white cups!

disneys frozen birthday party ideas sven elsa antlers party decor activities

Elsa’s Crown and Sven’s Reindeer Antlers

Who needs regular party hats when kids can wear Sven’s reindeer antlers or Elsa’s crown? Nat and Holly over at the My Sister’s Suitcase blog offer these free printable templates to make Frozen party headgear. Simply print out on cardstock, and then cut out each template to use as patterns for tracing crowns or antlers onto foam. Prep these before the party for guests to wear, or let kids decorate their own with sparkles and icy crafts for a children's party activity.

Disneys Frozen birthday party ideas pin the nose on olaf game

Pin the Nose on Olaf Game

Grab this free printable from HaleGrafx and make your own Pin the Nose on Olaf game! Print out the 12x12 color picture of Olaf, then adhere it to cardboard or foam board. Print out the carrot noses (a separate printable sheet) and cut each out. Use double-stick tape on each nose for kids to stick the nose on the snowman. 

Disneys Frozen birthday party ideas ice painting activity or decor

Ice Painting with Epsom Salt

This fun, science-and-art project is another genius idea from the My Sister’s Suitcase blog. All you’ll need is black construction paper, paintbrushes and a mixture of equal parts Epsom salt and hot water. Kids paint with the Epsom salt solution and when it dries, the salts crystalize, creating pretty ice paintings. Birthday party STEM!

Snowball Playdough Disneys Frozen birthday party ideas activities favors

Snowball Playdough

Just about every kid (and many an adult) loves playdough. Check out the Yellow Bliss Road blog for instructions for making this sparkly snowball playdough. Be sure to grab her free printable label, and then package the snowballs up in little bags or mason jars to send home with your Frozen party guests. Snow much fun!

Disneys Frozen birthday party ideas build a snowman marshmallow activity

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Let kids build their own snowman just like Anna and Elsa did in the movie! Provide kids with edible snowman-making materials, such as marshmallows in different sizes, stick pretzels and raisins or chocolate chips. Check out the Me and My Insanity blog to see how Kendra did it at her Frozen party. Kids could build snowmen for a party activity, or send home the building materials in goodie bags as a take-home party favor.

Disney Frozen birthday party ideas party favor ideas build a snowman

Frozen Inspired “Olaf” Party Favor Cards and Bags

Don’t have time to make up your own party favor bags? SocialFrills on Etsy offers these cards and clear treat bags for purchase in sets of six. Buy these, and then fill with your own snowman building materials and then send home with your party guests for great Frozen memories. Oh goody!

Disneys Frozen birthday ideas ice palace fort crazy forts activity

Frozen Ice Palace Fort with Crazy Forts

Jillian at Mommy Testers blog offers this fun tutorial for an ice palace fort. She used a fort-making kit called Crazy Forts to put together a palace and decorated it. This would be a fun activity for younger kiddos. Let them build an ice palace fort with whatever you have on hand, such as a card table, chairs, etc. Drape with pretty sparkly fabric like Jillian did or use clear shower curtains or blue and white sheets. If you are lucky, this activity will keep a few kids busy for a while!

Party Favor ideas blue goo

More Party Ideas!

We've got plenty more to spark some Frozen inspiration all your own, plus themes and tips for future party fun! 

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