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33 Fun Summer Camps for Kids in the Seattle Area for Summer 2014


Preschool campsPreschool Camps

The Seattle Children’s Museum offers non-stop summer fun with its “Discovery Days” single-day camps for kids as young as age 4. Days can be combined to fit any schedule; a week, a day at a time, the whole summer or half-days, which might suit preschoolers new to camp. Daily themes range from Rock Star Day to Dr. Seuss Day to Beakers and Atoms Day. Camp runs $35 per half day or $80 per full day.

Woodland Park Zoo’s “Kinder Camp." Engage in games and crafts around colors, numbers or other themes. Visiting zoo animals is on the daily docket as well, of course! First-time campers who have visited the zoo may like the familiar environment. Half-day Kinder Camp for ages 3 to 4 costs $170 per week, and full-day Kinder Camp for ages 4 to 5 costs $285 per week.

Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue:Expect loads of fun and prepares little ones for bigger camp adventures ahead. Half-day camps for ages 3 to 5 engage wee minds and bodies in learning and physical activities. When campers get a little older, they’ll be primed and ready for BGC Bellevue’s wide range of specialty, sports and all-field-trip camps. Half-day preschool camp costs $175 per week for half a day.

Youth Theatre Northwest’s “Magical Adventures” camp.This and other camps designed for ages 3 to 5 help kids explore their imaginations using voice and body. Other exciting half-day camps for this age group include “Drama Detectives” and “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Class!” Half-day camps cost $220 per week.

Cooking Course by Course” camp at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma will hopefully train some capable dinner helpers. This and other camps for kids ages 3 to 5 run a half-day and cost $130.

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