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20 Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids

Published on: September 16, 2013


Halloween bento box lunch by Lian Mama Obento Kooky Spooky Characters

Lian Mama Obento features this fun idea for making a Halloween "haunted house" bento box lunch -- with all of the well-known Halloween haunters included!

This charming confection is made out of an onion bagel with cream cheese and a hot dog slice for the front door. (There's something we never thought we'd say!) Also included in this bento box: a kiwi jack-o-lantern with a cheese face, cherry tomatoes, ham slices, a cheese skull, and a ghost and owl molded from cheese and bread. Overall, this is certainly one haunted house that will provide a spooky-cool lunch for your little one this Halloween!


Frankenstein bento box lunch by Hawaii's Bento Box CookbookFrankenwich Fun

This lovely "Frankenwich," included on Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook, may have his Halloween game face on, but he sure looks deliciously adorable to us!

Mama Susan says she made this Frankenstein-esque feast with a ham and cheese sandwich, complete with cheddar cheese features and olive-mozzarella eyes. His buggy neighboring friend is made with sliced kiwi and olives. Grapes (so like eyeballs!) and pretzel "bones" further balance out this monstrously cool Halloween lunch.


Ghost quesadilla bento box lunch by Sonoma BentoCheesy Ghouls

This ghostly cheese quesadilla bento box lunch featured on Sonoma Bento is absolutely too cute not to share.

To make your own at home, simply cut your tortilla with a ghost-shaped cookie cutter, fill it with healthy goodies and cook it up as usual. Super easy! This spooky-delicious lunch also includes baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and no-waste baked tortilla chips that were made from the leftover tortilla scraps. We love the idea of turning those scraps into a bonus lunch treat!


Mummy turkey dog bento box lunch by Happy Little BentoMummy Love

We can't get enough of this mummy turkey dog lunch idea featured on Happy Little Bento -- and check out the naturally-dyed happy candy corn that's also included!

To mummify the turkey dog, Mama Sherimiya reveals that she cut a round tortilla into a spiral and simply wrapped it around the body, sealing it with a little melted cheese and a couple of heart picks to keep everything in place. The egg "candy corn" was naturally dyed using golden and regular beet juices. (Isn't that cool?) Be sure to check out the rest of this post for dyeing tips -- and to see how she made those gorgeous dice look-alike dragon fruit cubes!


Owl bento box lunch by Crouching Mother, Hidden ToddlerSweet Autumn Owls

Crouching Mother, Hidden Toddler offers up this excellent idea for making these adorable owl sammies. (She may have featured this idea in August, but we love it for a non-spooky Halloween treat!)

Made with ham and cheese sandwiches, the owls have sugar icing eyes and cheese features that have been stuck on with just a dab of mayo. The rest of the lunch includes oranges, strawberries, and "dinosaur eggs" (Mama Kelli's crafty way of getting her little one to eat edamame!).


Halloween werewolf bento box lunch by Happy Little BentoLions and Tigers and Werewolves, Oh My!

Happy Little Bento shares this awesome idea for making lion werewolves out of ravioli -- and who knew that a simple noodle could easily turn into something so clever!

Made with nori and mozzarella facial details, this darling ravioli lion is sure to bring a smile to your child's face on Halloween. Also included in this bento box: strawberries, blackberries, snow peas, and an orange sweet pepper that's been transformed into a wee Halloween jack-o-lantern (in other words, a true pepper jack!). Be sure to check out Happy Little Bento for the full scoop on how to carve your own mini pumpkin faces.


Halloween witch bento box lunch by Bento LunchWitchy Wow

Bento Lunch includes this great idea for making an easy Halloween-themed bento box lunch, with a spooky-cool witch and a bat.

Using a halved hard-boiled egg, Mama Shannon simply added cucumber facial features and used a cookie cutter for its de rigueur cheesy witch hat. The cheese bat, also shaped with a cookie cutter, is sitting on top of a roast beef sandwich alongside healthy accompaniments of carrots, melon, and strawberries.


Batman characters bento box lunch by Bento MonstersHalloween Crusaders

Got a little one who has an infinite love for Batman? These tasty caped crusaders featured on Bento Monsters are hard to beat -- yet good enough to eat.

Made using nori and cheese facial features, these masked superhero sammies are shaped with a cookie cutter and work perfectly as pre-trick-or-treating nosh. Also shown in this bento box lunch: a heart-shaped Nutella sandwich with sprinkles, chicken nuggets, strawberries, and golden kiwis.


Halloween pumpkin bento box lunch by Hawaii's Bento Box CookbookPerfect Pumpkins

We love this idea featured on Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook for these Halloween silly-faced "pumpkin" sandwiches. Those eyes are absolutely fantastic!

Referring to these two sammies as the "pumpkin twins," Mama Susan says that she simply dolled up some basic ham and cheese sandwich with mozzarella and olive eyes to create a cartoonish pumpkin effect. And the best part -- it took her under 10 minutes to be completely finished!


Halloween mummies bento box lunch by Lian Mama ObentoMummy Magic

Lian Mama Obento offers up these tasty mummy sandwiches for a Halloween special bento lunch.

To make your own mummies, simply use a cookie cutter to shape your sandwich and slice up some mozzarella cheese strips for the "bandages." Add some nori pieces for the black spiders and facial features and you're in business!


Halloween skull bento box lunch by Happy Little BentoBad to the Bone

Another great idea from Happy Little Bento we can't get enough of is this skull-and-crossbones-themed Halloween bento box.

To make these quick and easy spooky skulls, Mama Sherimiya halved a boiled quail egg (clearly regular hen's eggs will work fine too!), added nori facial features and chopped up a couple of carrots sticks for the crossbones. Like we said -- easy! This lunch also includes black rice, fresh fruit, cherry tomatoes, and some pork roast that's hiding underneath the rice (sounds like a good way to get rid of some leftovers, hey?).


Pumpkin Halloween bento box lunch by Bento MamaPumpkin Perks

Bento Mama shares this boo-tiful bento box lunch idea with plenty of Halloween colors and shapes included.

In this bento box: Halloween Chex mix, honeydew pumpkin slices, strawberries, carrots, pretzels, and last but not least, a delightful pumpkin-shaped grilled cheese sandwich with fruit leather facial features.

Also be sure to check out the rest of this post for an additional bento box lunch idea with a bat-shaped sandwich!


Halloween frankenstein bento box lunch by Happy Little BentoFabulous Frankenstein

With another fabulous take on Frankenstein, Happy Little Bento shows us just how simple it is to make a Halloween-esque musubi (Japanese rice ball) for a well-balanced themed lunch.

This fun Franken-musubi is made with broccoli rice, nori facial features, and a teensy bit of sriracha sauce on the cheeks for color. Also included in this bento box: cherry tomatoes, chicken sausage, grapes, carrot sticks, and purple cauliflower for a nutrition-packed lunch.


Halloween bat bento lunch by Bento-logyBatty for Bento

Bento-logy shares this cute idea for turning your everyday plain sandwich into a frighteningly fun Halloween-themed meal.

Like many of the other lunches featured, Mama Caren simply used a cookie cutter for her bat shape and fancied up her little nocturnal character with a red smile and sugar-icing eyes. This bento also includes a Baybel cheese with a bat cutout, grapes, peas, and blueberries in yogurt for an extra ghostly effect.


Halloween ghost bento box lunch by Hawaii's Bento Box CookbookBoo-tiful Bento

Well, if these aren't the most cheerful Halloween ghosts we've ever seen! Featured on Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook, we can't get enough of these cartoonish little spooksters.

Simply made out of shaped turkey, these ghouls have a cheddar cheese smile with kooky icing eyes for a bit of extra personality. This bento box also includes fruit, pretzels, and a turkey sandwich on a whole wheat bun. Nutritious, delicious, and sure to inspire a wee bit of lunch table envy come Halloween!


Halloween haunted house bento box lunch by Bento LunchHalloween Hauntings

Another fun take on haunted houses, we love this Halloween bento lunch idea offered over on Bento Lunch. (The rickety carrot fencing? Too cool!)

Mama Shannon says that the whole wheat sandwich round was such a great blank canvas that she just had to take advantage of it. Her cheddar haunted house was made using a cooking cutter (though she cut out the windows and doors), along with the white cheddar bat flying by. Also included in this haunting lunch: carrots, fruit, veggie chips, and a sweet little slice of pumpkin cake for an after-lunch treat.


Halloween jack-o-lantern bento box lunch by Bento-logyBoo-tastic Bento Box

Here's a fun lunch with a cool take on the classic Halloween jack-o-lantern, featured over on Bento-logy.

Mama Caren transformed her child's usual PB&J into a lovely grinning pumpkin by simply adding cheddar cheese facial features to the top of the sandwich. Also featured in this bento box lunch: peas, grapes, orange slices (with a festive note), and a glazed pumpkin cookie for mother's favorite little trick-or-treater.


Halloween pumpkins bento box lunch by A Pocket Full of ButtonsJack-o-lantern Fam

And on the topic of pumpkin fun, we can't get enough of this adorable Halloween-themed lunch by A Pocket Full of Buttons.

Made to resemble "Jack's family," these pumpkin cuties were cut out with cookie cutters in various sizes and jazzed up with nori facial features. Tip: you could also throw in some green veggies below for a pumpkin patch effect. Also included in this lunch: carrot sticks, grapes, veggie crunchers, and a Babybel cheesy pumpkin.


Halloween spider bento box lunch by Bento MamaSpooky Spiders

If you're looking for a quick and easy eight-legged lunchtime treat, be sure to check out this spooky spider bento box on Bento Mama.

Using a circle-shaped cookie cutter and a letter "L" cutter for the legs, Mama Kristen easily made a creepy critter to sit on top of her child's usual PB&J. Top it with some googly icing eyes and voilà! -- you've got plenty of Halloween goodness for the day. Also included in this bento box: blueberries, tomatoes, carrot chips, a pumpkin bar, and a heart-shaped strawberry from mama. (Awww...)


Halloween pumpkin bento box by Happy Little BentoPerfect Little Pumpkin

Looking for more easy ways to add a touch of Halloween fun to your tot's lunch? Don't miss this excellent jack-o-rrific bento box featured on Happy Little Bento.

Mama Sherimiya simply took a tangerine and carved out a jack-o-lantern face for a cool illuminated pumpkin effect. This lunch also includes carrot sticks, corn on the cob, grapes, chicken, and strawberries.

Be sure to check out the rest of Happy Little Bento's site for dozens of other fantastic Halloween ideas -- not to mention some seriously stunning photography!

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