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13 Awesome Halloween Movies for Families

Staying home for Halloween? Celebrate with these spooky movies for kids, tweens and teens

Author Nicole Persun

Published on: October 08, 2020

13 Awesome Halloween Movies for Families

The Sixth Sense movie poster
The Sixth Sense movie poster

Movies for older tweens and teens


For ages 13 and older

"Beetlejuice" features an all-star cast capering through a funny-morbid plot that’ll feel nostalgic for many parents. It’s a great film, but "Beetlejuice" is definitely darker than you might remember — with language (including f*ck), drug references, a kiss without consent and references to suicide — so make sure your teens are old enough for the content.

The Sixth Sense

For ages 14 and older

Looking for a truly scary movie for your high-schoolers? Try this classic and creepy tale. It's a thriller for thinkers that's frightening but not over-the-top scary. Even if your teen already knows the legendary twist, they're sure to love this suspenseful film. Note: Many of the ghosts died shocking and gruesome deaths — including a shooting, hanging and a suicide — so this movie might not be the best choice for sensitive teens. 

Shaun of the Dead

For ages 17 and older

Looking for a laugh on Halloween night? This offbeat horror-comedy might just be the ticket. This zombie movie features quite a bit of violence but there are also some funny scenes to lighten things up. Note: there is a lot of profanity and crude humor throughout and some of the scenes are very gory. If your teen is sensitive, you might want to avoid this one. 

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