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5 Hot-Springs Getaways for Northwest Families

From rustic to luxe, relaxing hot springs retreats for any season

Published on: February 25, 2020

5 Hot-Springs Getaways for Northwest Families

Terwilliger Hot Springs. Credit: K. Kendall via Flickr CC

Beautiful Terwilliger Hot Springs, Oregon

Set in the spectacular McKenzie River Valley, Terwilliger Hot Springs is accessible via a short and sweet hike — just a quarter-mile through a carpet of ferns and old-growth trees. Then comes the reward: five cascading pools, each slightly cooler than the pool above it. Over the years, visitors have built up the soaking pools out of river stones, creating a beautiful oasis best enjoyed in the off-season when the crowds have dwindled. (Note: These hot springs are also called Cougar Hot Springs.)

The piping-hot water tumbles out of a spectacular rock formation at 112 degrees Fahrenheit, so the first pool is perhaps a bit too hot for soaking. Hours are sunrise to sundown only. The fee to use the hot springs is $7 per person, and you can pay onsite. These hot springs are clothing-optional.

Up for camping? Delta Campground is set among old-growth Doug fir and it stays open until mid-October. It also has its own accessible, interpretive nature trail. Want a roof over your head? Book the family-size Damselfly room at Eagle Rock Lodge about 20 miles away.

Location: In the Oregon Cascades, about 55 miles east of Eugene, near the McKenzie River

Info: online or by calling 541-225-6300

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