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Just ASK Campaign

The question that may save your child's life

Published on: January 21, 2014

Girl with pink tutu picking up a gun campaign ad for just ask if there is a gun in the home

What is ASK?

ASK stands for Asking Saves Kids. We are launching this campaign to spread awareness around gun danger, arm parents with information to keep kids safe, and push for safe gun storage.

Just ASK people whose home you'll be going to if they own a gun.

Just ASK your child if they have ever seen a gun or have friends who have one.

Just ASK yourself why you are uncomfortable raising this issue.

Asking saves kids ... Just ASK! 

Why ask?

  • Every 30 minutes: A teen or child died or was injured from a gun in 2010 — 50 a day; 351 a week; 18,270 a year
  • 1.7 million: children in the U.S. living in households with loaded and unlocked firearms
  • 25,000: children in Washington state living with loaded and unlocked firearms
  • A gun in the home: makes the likelihood of homicide three times higher, suicide three to five times higher, and accidental death four times higher
  • More than half: The percentage of youth who commit suicide who obtain the gun from their home
  • 134 classrooms of 20 students each: Could be filled by the number of children and teens killed by guns in one year

More about ASK:



The Irresistible Urge to Play With Guns:

Get involved, take a stand:

Moms Demand Action

Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility

Statistics sources:

"Prevalence of Household Firearms and Firearm-Storage Practices in the 50 States and the District of Columbia: Findings From the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2002" published in Pediatrics

Children's Defense Fund "Protect Children Not Guns 2013 report" — a compilation of cited and referenced research and statistics

Just Ask Campaign in the Press:

'Just Ask' ads raise gun question on Metro buses - King 5 News, Seattle



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