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Hi-yah! 12 Ninja Birthday Party Ideas

From candy sushi to karate games, these 12 DIY birthday party ideas will be sure to please any ninja or LEGO Ninjago fan!

Published on: April 11, 2017

What kid doesn’t dream of being a ninja warrior? Whether your birthday kid enjoys the LEGO Ninjago series or just likes martial arts and ninjas, we have 12 great party ideas for you. Set the tone with a "ninja-tation," dress party guests in personalized ninja headbands, and decorate your dojo with great party printables. Read on for great game ideas such as breaking boards, instructions for making candy sushi, and fun party favors. Hi-yah!

Photo credit: Crack of Dawn Crafts


Cheryl of Crack of Dawn Crafts made these incredible ninja knife invitations. Sewn paper and a cool Asian font make these knife invites so unforgettable that kids will keep them forever! Check out her post for full instructions.

Photo credit: I Love Doing All Things Crafty

DIY ninja headbands

Welcome each guest to your dojo with a personalized headband. These look professionally made, but check out Ilda’s post from I Love Doing All Things Crafty for the no-sew, easy, DIY instructions for creating these accessories.

Photo credit: Wants and Wishes

Ninja/Nijago full birthday party collection 

For a complete set of party printables, check out this ninja printable set from Wants and Wishes Design. The set includes the two backdrop panels and the birthday banner pictured plus cupcakes toppers, favor toppers, and much more.

Photo credit: I Love Doing All Things Crafty

Ninja Oreo pops

Who could resist these faces? Ilda of the blog I Love Doing All Things Crafty made these gorgeous Oreo pops. Dipped Oreos with frosted Ninjago faces will look super cute on the snack table, and taste great! Check out her blog post for detailed instructions.

Photo credit: Life as We Know It

Easy Ninjago cake

This Ninjago cake featured on the blog, Life as We Know It, is easy to make and inexpensive. Two rectangular sheet cakes are first stacked together, then trimmed to resemble a Ninjago face. Colored frosting and licorice complete the look. Check out the post for great instructions.

Photo credit: Raising Lifelong Learners

Candy sushi

Real Ninjas eat sushi — candy sushi that is! Colleen, author of the blog Raising Lifelong Learners says she cooked up a triple batch of this yummy stuff in under an hour! Made of rice crispy treats, candy, and fruit roll-up candy, these treats look as good as they taste.

Photo credit: Crack of Dawn Crafts

Breaking boards

You can’t be a Ninja without great strength! Cheryl of the blog Crack of Dawn Crafts came up with this game. First, take foam boards and cut them into plank-sized lengths. To play, an adult or other little Ninja holds the foam plank while each guest breaks the board with a karate chop.

Photo credit Helpful Things

Nijago-inspired snake piñata

This piñata will make a beautiful decoration as well as a fun activity! These creations are handmade at the Etsy shop Helpful Things for each individual buyer. Also available are piñatas that are modeled after other Nijago characters. All of the products come in a variety of colors. 

Photo credit: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon

Ninja rescue

After the kids release some energy breaking boards and busting a piñata, you can quiet things down with this fun game. Fill a bowl with rice, and then hide a few LEGO Ninjago mini figures in the rice. Kids must then try to retrieve the figures from the bowl of rice with chopsticks. Make the game harder for older ninjas by using real chopsticks and/or blindfolding the players. Make the activity easier by using “trainer” chopsticks, like these

Photo credit: Oriental Trading Co.

Ninja take-out boxes

For a fun twist on a traditional goody bag, check out these ninja take-out boxes from Oriental Trading Company. These are the perfect size for a few party favors or candy, and at $4.25 per dozen, you can afford cool favors to fill the boxes!

Photo credit: Oriental Trading Co.

Ninja warrior figures

Ninja Warrior figures will have your party guests doing battle long after the party has ended. These toys are 1.5 inches tall and come in a variety of poses and colors. At $8.25 for four dozen from Oriental Trading Company, you could give each guest several!

Photo credit: Oriental Trading Co.

Ninja tattoos

These black, white and red ninja tattoos from Oriental Trading Company can be applied during the party or tucked into goodie bags to take home. Either way, kids will love being tattooed like a warrior! Not only are the tattoos easy to apply and remove, these are also nontoxic.

Photo credit: All Things G&D in 12 Cars Birthday Party Ideas

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Editor's note: This article was originally published in 2015 and updated in April 2017. 

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