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Tons of Printables to Keep Your Preschooler Busy

Dust off your printer and let everyone get some work done

Published on: April 02, 2020

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I never thought a printer would be the thing that gets me through a pandemic, but it’s definitely helping. Since our day care closed, my husband and I, like many other parents, are working full-time and edutaining the kids (I use the latter term loosely, as I am not sure if I am successful at either part of that portmanteau). 

Much like stickers, printables are important commodities for the preschool set. If you have a preschooler, you know exactly what I am talking about — coloring sheets, counting sheets, cutting sheets, paper masks, that sort of thing!  The internet and the printer have now become my new favorite homeschool helpers. When things get heated, the whirr of the printer and the anticipation of a newly printed worksheet can help everyone cool down for a little while. 

As many of us are multi-tasking these days, I'm guessing you probably don’t have time to comb through a million unicorn pictures on websites rife with popups to determine which offerings are safe to download. So, my gifts to you this week are these tried and tested printables from decent sites that are free or cheap and will help you and the kids slay another day. Go get ‘em!

Fun and educational stuff 

Learning Resources is a U.K. company that produces fun and educational games, books and learning materials. They recently provided a new page on their website called Learning@Home essentials which includes hundreds of printable activities, workbooks, games and coloring sheets. It's a treasure trove for parents and it's all free! offers hundreds of decent educational printables, including worksheets for letter tracing, counting, matching and more. It's free to download the first five and it costs $8 a month (cancel at any time) for unlimited downloads. The $8 monthly subscription option may just be worth it, as there are no pesky popups, the worksheets are educational and it’s an easy site to navigate and filter for subjects, grade levels and topics.

Great Schools, the outfit that rates schools, rates pretty well itself for worksheets. Get lots of fun materials for early writing practice, rhyming word sheets, tracing, etc. There's some great stuff here, and you aren't required to sign up or pay fees for downloads. 

Hats, masks and dolls

Little kids love playing dress-up, and what better way to extend the fun than by having them make their own masks and hats? First Palette has a great variety of hats, masks, games and more. All the printables are free to print, with no signup required. There are some nice simple ones, such as bears, bunnies and cats; and then more complicated stuff, like these cool-looking Roman imperial helmets.

Seattle parent, Irene Akio, is currently offering adorable,  free, paper doll print outs. If you are looking for a fun morning or afternoon activity, check out her website IreneAkio. While all the designs are free, she is is accepting donations and will be giving 25 percent of the proceeds to Food Lifeline.

Cut and paste

Cutting and gluing doubles the fun and the time, enabling you to get more work done. Check out Kids Can Have Fun for lots of cut-and-paste sheets. This site is a treasure trove of other great stuff, including jigsaw puzzles, mazes, book templates, pretend play sheets, photo booth props and more. 

Favorite and famous characters

Get access to your kids' favorite characters in print form at Nickelodeon Parents, where you'll find some neat chore charts, coloring pages, number tracing sheets, games and more. 

PBS Kids for Parents also offers coloring sheets, games, scavenger hunt cards, bingo and more great distractions — all featuring your favorite characters from PBS Kids shows such as "Curious George," "Daniel Tiger," "Dinosaur Train," "Pinkalicious," "Wild Kratts" and others.

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