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21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living

21 Acres Center is a leader in sustainable and regenerative practices, serving as a living laboratory center for conscious consumers who want to learn new, more sustainable ways of living.

21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living

21 Acres is a center for sustainable agriculture education and collective action. We offer a range of food and farm-based programs, workshops, events, and tours within the farm, market, and LEED platinum certified building. Founded in 2006, our purpose is to promote the benefits of local food systems within the context of climate challenges. We explore the relationship between our natural and built environments, and the transition from an unsustainable, fossil fuel-based lifestyle to sustainable and regenerative ways of living.

The successful future of our food system is highly dependent upon our children’s understanding of how and where food is produced and how it gets to consumers. We provide myriad opportunities for youth to get excited and involved.

Farm and cooking camps attract a diverse group of young people who come together around growing and preparing good food while having a great time in the process. There are farm camps with hands-on experiences, special guests, and tours of area farms rounding out this fun experience about the circle of life and the benefits associated with farming sustainably. Cooking camps use ingredients produced by local sustainable farms — the ultimate-super-delicious experience! Campers make friends, learn to explore the outdoors together, and leave energized and inspired. Week-long day camps for ages 4-18 are theme focused, including: Farm Life Safari, Garden Makers, Resourceful Farmers, Garden Senses, Farm-to-Table Cooking and Pizza Organica. Visit the website for more info:

Bring your class on a field trip to 21 Acres. A tour of our farm encourages discovery, sensory engagement, new relationships with plants, animals, and fungi, and insight into environmental stewardship. On tours, we encourage discussion about climate action and growing food through age-specific curricula integrated with teachers’ materials. Purposeful hands-on activities and opportunities to try fresh, local, organic food help to create a unique, living classroom experience. Visit the website for more info:

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