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Academy Schools

Independent, Inclusive, Non-Religious Pre-K through grade 12 school - Small enough to make a big difference

Academy Schools

Academy Schools is a Pre-K through grade 12 independent, inclusive, and diverse school with small classes (1 to 10 teacher-student ratio) where students discover the joy of learning and explore their creative potential. 

Academy Schools serves typically developing, gifted, and LD students employing a variety of instructional methodologies, including highly structured lessons with predictability and hands-on learning activities, supporting a challenging, personalized curriculum, knowing that each child learns differently. 

At Academy Schools we pride ourselves in taking curriculum a step further and address each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Our curriculum meets or exceeds all Washington State Grade Level Standards for Grades pre-K through 12. Our High School curriculum also meets the College Admission Standards for Washington State Universities, as well as most other national and international universities.

What makes our program unique is that we deliver instruction in a manner that allows each child to excel.  Our small class size ensures that teachers are able to monitor student progress and comprehension and quickly respond to student questions.  This enables us to ensure that all students are challenged, and that any skill or content deficits are addressed.  Our highly trained staff delivers instruction in a variety of modes in order to accommodate diverse learning styles. 

In addition to rigorous academics, our curriculum emphasizes the development of character.  We model, teach, and practice community citizenship.  We emphasize responsibility, concern for one another, and a commitment to excellence.  Our students learn and utilize conflict resolution and other problem solving skills.

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