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Bellevue Discovery Preschool

Inquiry Learning Preschool for Highly Capable Children

Bellevue Discovery Preschool

At Bellevue Discovery, we believe all children deserve a joy-filled preschool experience that nurtures and challenges their innate desire to learn.
Almost 90% of our preschoolers move on to gifted programs, and we know that gifted preschool education needs to support children’s social-emotional learning, executive function skills and kindergarten readiness. 

  • Play-Based Exploration: fostering social-emotional growth, divergent thinking, executive function skills and foundational learning about our world
  • Skill-Based Instruction: art, science, math, reading, writing, fine motor skills and kindergarten readiness, with small group hands-on activities and a variety of Building Block classes (Drama Club, Math Games, School Skills and Science Lab)
  • Inquiry-Based Learning:  nurturing the 21st Century Skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creative production
  • Project-Based Learning: younger children engage in multiple projects during the year, building their problem-solving and presentation skills and moving toward more independent work. Pre-kindergartners engage in a year-long project, with weekly problem-solving challenges. Each child presents their culminating project to our entire preschool community at the Project Presentation in the spring.

We are able to support our children’s learning through our 1:4 teacher-child ratio, close communication with parents, and a non-profit Board that believes in early childhood gifted education. 
Young highly capable children show many of these characteristics:

  • Intense curiosity
  • Self-directed learning
  • Creative and divergent thinking that often surprises their parents
  • Advanced vocabulary and use of language – talking “like a little adult”
  • Excellent memory and ability to learn quickly
  • Fascination with complex ideas, puzzles and games
  • Strong sense of compassion

We work closely with the admissions directors at local independent gifted schools to ensure our children are fully prepared to thrive in kindergarten. Over the past 12 years, 39% of our children have moved on to The Open Window School and 16% have moved on to Seattle Country Day School.

We do not require IQ testing: we follow National Association for Gifted Children guidelines to identify highly capable preschoolers:

  • A parent questionnaire and family discussions
  • Reference or a progress report from early childhood teacher or caregiver
  • Teachers’ observations during a child visit, based on their experience working with young highly capable children

​Bellevue Discovery Preschool
15749 NE 4th Street
Bellevue, WA  98008

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Bellevue Discovery Preschool