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Carpe Juvenis: Seize Your Youth

Education, culture, and health website for youth.

Carpe Juvenis: Seize Your Youth

Carpe Juvenis is an online publication and community for youth who are determined to make their dreams a reality, who are striving to be better leaders, and who are not just seizing the day, but seizing their youth. 

Carpe Juvenis publishes articles covering culture, skills, health, travel, interviews with impressive professionals, and all things surrounding how to #SeizeYourYouth. 

In addition to articles, Carpe Juvenis publishes educational resources, including the book 'Youth's Highest Honor: Your Guide to Earning the Congressional Award and Building Life Skills.' This book provides practical advice and a roadmap to earning the Congressional Award, the highest award program for our nation's youth, presented by the United States Congress.

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