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Clise Etiquette

Manners classes and camps for kids and teens

Clise Etiquette

Do you find yourself threatening your kids that if they don’t stop chewing with their mouth open or forget to say please and thank you that you’ll send them to manners class? Well, now you can. But, rather than it being a punishment, your kids will enjoy a fun and useful class that often has them asking if they can go to another one.

Clise Etiquette offers manners and social skills classes and camps for children ages 7 to 12 and teens ages 13 to 17. We teach important skills, in a fun and interactive way, that your children need to succeed socially and, later, professionally. Your children will learn to be more confident, polished and polite.

Summer Camps

Our summer camps are half-day morning classes that include role plays, discussion, hands-on activities and more. The camps also include manners related crafts and games.

Our camps culminate with a three-course meal where the children will practice the table manners and conversation skills they’ve learned during the week.

Topics covered include:

  • Making a Great First and Lasting Impression
  • Manners Outside the Home
  • Digital Diplomacy
  • Parties and Playdates
  • Table Manners

Camps are open to ages 7 to 12. 2018 Camp dates:

  • July 9th to 13th - Seattle
  • July 30th to August 3rd - Seattle
  • August 13th to 7th - Seattle
  • August 20th to 24th - Seattle



Our two-part classes take place during the school year on weekends. Topics covered include:

First and Lasting Impressions

  • The importance of manners and courtesy
  • Meeting and greeting
  • Being a good friend
  • Conversation skills
  • Host and guest dos and don’ts
  • Party manners. The class will culminate with a party

Manners Essentials for Home and Away

  • Why, when and how to write thank you notes
  • Manners outside of the home
  • Dining etiquette and table manners
  • Lunch – participants will practice what they learned over a three-course lunch

Classes are open to ages 7 to 12.  Class dates:

  • Two part class: June 3rd and June 10th - Seattle 


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