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Creative Coding

Teaching Kids the joy of coding by creating their own custom video games!

Creative Coding

​Coding can be a magical experience. At Creative Coding, we want to help every kid get a taste of what it’s like to play in a world governed by rules of their own creation. We deliver fun and fulfilling classes for kids ages 6-13, taught by members of our awesome and well-trained team with an enviable 7:1 or better student-teacher ratio, allowing for a personalized learning experience for every student. Our summer camps provide the environment and the challenge your child needs to achieve their goals and practice their own coding magic!

We believe it’s a child’s own ideas that drive their motivation. Our open and accepting programs focus on nurturing each student’s drive to learn by harnessing their imagination, and guiding them along their chosen path to achieve their goals in the world of computer coding.

Creative Coding began in 2013 with a single class taught by founder Eric Fredrickson; we have since taught thousands of kids through dozens of schools and camps, and our mission is still the same: to help kids discover the joy of coding. 

Join us in our journey, while we help guide your child on theirs!

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