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Human Nature Hunting School


Human Nature Hunting School

​Reawakening our innate sense through conscious hunting and gathering.

Having relied for thousands of years on our innate senses and instincts to interpret landscapes, find food, survive and thrive, humans are still equipped with powerful instinctual abilities to connect with nature. Because of our rapidly changing lifestyles and reduced opportunities for direct interaction with our ecosystem oftentimes these senses are in a lower state or asleep.

Hunting and gathering offer a unique way of interacting with our environment – by moving from observer to direct participant in the natural drama of life that unfolds around us. This once commonplace experience provides a unique opportunity to awaken our primal senses and connect to our own instinctual energy and ability, which can be profoundly useful in all aspects of life and broaden the experience of being human.

Shellfish Forage and a Feast
Clams and oysters (bivalves) are considered a superfood with their high levels of vitamins and minerals. These nutrient-rich mollusks are also a vital part of our ecosystem with their efficient filter feeding. Join us for a half-day course in Hood Canal to learn where and how to find hard-shell clams and oysters and how to prepare them. We will have a shellfish feast right on the beach. Kids under 15 are free!

Awaken the Hunter
Experience the essence of the hunt in this four-day course, which offers a holistic approach to learning the entire process from planning and prep to stalking and hunting to field dressing and butchering a large animal. This process is a slow, thoughtful immersion to establish the strongest bonds possible to the land and our ecosystem, at which point hunting becomes more an act of giving and receiving than of conquering and taking. Awaken and hone the senses that arise during the hunt.

​​Human Nature Hunting School

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