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Seattle Cascades

Seattle Cascades Academy - youth ultimate clinics

Seattle Cascades

​Come learn Ultimate with us! We're Seattle's elite players, both women and men, excited to share our sport with you! Each clinic has a different focus and different coaches.

Ultimate is a game with a strong sportsmanship ethos: actively appreciating our opponents with spirit circles after games, calling/admitting/negotiating our own fouls (no refs!), plus sideline rules for fans. A field sport, Ultimate appeals to those who like to run, jump, and are looking for a healthy, friendly, teamwork building environment.

Sessions range from beginner to advanced and are open to all genders. Beginners focus on solidifying skills, fundamental strategies, and Spirit of the Game. Experienced players have opportunities engage in intermediate and advance ultimate tactics, in addition to refining skills and making friends! Most clinics include a strength & agility component and all clinics offer two short scrimmages for applying the lessons learned. We've recruited some of the best coaches in Seattle to provide elite instruction for the young players. Come learn with us!

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