ParentMap Magazine

August 2017

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the ability to question the status quo. We want to raise children who take action when they see injustice, children who have a passion to make change happen. This month's feature shows us how.

Read on for rebellion, big and small, including the seemingly radical notion of getting your kid back on a ready-for-school sleep schedule, the revolutionary act of actually leaving your house as a new parent and so much more.

Speaking of change, our team has an announcement: Our brilliant, creative, inspired and imaginative managing editor Elisa Murray is leaving after more than five years with our team. Her quiet, steady and elevated presence will be immensely missed.

Helping to make the transition easier is our amazing new managing editor, Jody Allard. Not only is Jody the author of this month’s cover story, she’s a highly experienced editor, writer and mother of seven (that’s her brood up above). You’ll be as floored by her work as we were, which is why we’ve published a Q&A with Jody.

 And with that, I wish you a happy end to summer!