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Primate Party at PDZA

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Swing into our primate celebration, with a special birthday thrown in! All day you can see our lemurs, gibbons and siamangs enjoy special enrichment treats and toys, like puzzle feeders filled with dried fruit, fresh fruit and Cheerios (yes!) We love watching their dexterity as they figure out the puzzles.

And we're celebrating Cho Cho the siamang's 50th birthday! Siamangs (say it SIGH-a-mangz) are a small ape: athletic, acrobatic and vocal. At 50, Cho Cho is thought to be the oldest of his species in human care in the world - an impressive feat both for Cho Cho and his dedicated PDZA keepers.

11:00 am: Black-and-white ruffed lemurs are the stars at Kids' Zone. Listen out for their distinctive, eerie roar and find out from our keeper why they make it.

12:30 pm: See white-cheeked gibbons and siamangs receive special enrichments at the Asian Forest Sanctuary. Cho Cho will be the star of this show! He'll get one of his favorite treats - a hollowed-out watermelon.

2:00 pm: Watch ring-tailed lemurs get special skewered treats at Kids' Zone. See if their favorites are the same as yours!

4:00 pm: Gibbons and siamangs receive more enrichments at the Asian Forest Sanctuary.

All day: Hear keepers and conservation engagement staff explain why these amazing animals are threatened in the wild, and find out how you can help - like protecting their habitat by shopping for sustainable palm-oil products.

Event Details

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    No upcoming dates scheduled
  • 47.3048899, -122.5213535

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    Included with admission ($7.95- $17.95; 2 and under free
  • Recommended Ages

    All ages
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    Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

    5400 N Pearl St
    Tacoma, WA 98407-3224
    United States