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Coping During COVID-19: Facebook Live Panel Hosted by Seattle Children's

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These are challenging times and almost everything about our daily lives looks different. Join us online for a Facebook Live panel, Coping during Covid-19, led by Scott Hampton, Manager of Seattle Children’s Educational Services; Tyler Sasser, Psychologist with the PEARL Clinic, a subspecialty of Seattle Children’s Outpatient Psychiatry; Kendra Read, Psychologist with the Anxiety Program, a subspecialty of Seattle Children’s Outpatient Psychiatry; and Jim Mancini, Speech and Language Pathologist with the Seattle Children's Autism Center.

The panel will cover:
- how we can best manage the changes that COVID-19
- how to support our children during this time

Due to the reasonable caution surrounding reducing the spread of COVID-19, this panel discussion will be only available through Facebook Live. Please note that there will be no in-person attendance and anyone coming to the hospital will not be permitted entrance. Thanks to everyone for your understanding.

Event Details