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Help Name the New PDZA Muskox Calf

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Image Credit: Katie Cotterill

He head-butted some rocks. He tasted some clover. Then he galloped back down the hillside to mom.

Yes, it’s official – our baby muskox calf is a boy, and now his fans get to vote on his name!

Zoo fans get to vote on the calf’s name from a slate of keeper choices:
- Trebek (muskoxen are the favorite animal of gameshow host Alex Trebek)
- Ollie (named after the children’s game “Olly olly oxen free”)
- Capra (a variation of the scientific name for the muskoxen family)
- Mak (short for ‘oomingmak,’ the Inupiaq name for muskoxen)

Vote here hrough July 8 – stay tuned for the winning name!

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