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Self-Guided Tour of the Magnuson Children's Garden

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We miss being with all the families and volunteer groups each month, and we look forward to the day when we are able to see you all in the park again! In the meantime, we very much encourage you to visit the Childrens Garden and Magnuson natural areas for self-guided exploration during Magnuson Park open hours. Because most Magnuson parking lots are closed, please walk or bike to the park if you can, and please continue to use the 6-10ft social distancing guideline to keep yourself and others healthy.

It’s easy to go on a nature adventure in Magnuson Children’s Garden with our new multi-language Discover-Your-Garden activity:

  • Go to the Children’s Garden kiosk and pick out a “Discovery Card” in the language of your choice, then explore the garden to find 10 special places with nature activities to do at each. Or download a free card below in any language you choose!
  • Once you have finished, please return the “Discovery Card” to the kiosk for the next garden explorer to use. 
  • Or print one out on your own here before you go!

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Event Details