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Spring Break Drop-in Programs

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Join us during Spring Break for fun, themed activities. We will focus on a different theme each day. Suitable for children grades K-5. Cost is $10/child. Pre-registration is appreciated.

Monday: Wind Pollination & Kites
Does springtime pollen make you sniffle and sneeze? Blame anemophily, or wind pollination. While some plants produce special flowers or tasty nectar to attract pollinators, others rely only on the breeze. Come learn more about “anemophilous” plants, search for wind pollinators in the garden, and make your very own kite to fly whenever the wind blows.

Tuesday: The Water Cycle, Rain Gauges, & Rain Drop Art
Why does it rain or snow? How are clouds formed? If rivers constantly flow into the ocean, why doesn’t the ocean overflow like a bathtub? What role do plants play in all of this? Today we will explore these questions and more as we dive deep into the workings of the water cycle! Make a rain gauge to measure the next rainfall, and create art that will transform in the rain.

Wednesday: If You Grew Like a Tree
At times, kids seem to grow like weeds, but what if you grew like a tree? Today we’re investigating and measuring the way that trees grow. How tall? How old? How wide? After hands-on exploration, kids will map out their own growth as if they were a tree.

Thursday: Ethnobotany & Natural Dye
Ethnobotany is the term for ways that groups of people use plants, kind of like how you might eat certain vegetables. While we don’t grow vegetables in our garden, we do have many plants that local peoples used for everything from food to shelter to medicine. Come discover these plants firsthand and learn about their many uses. Feeling creative? Use natural dyes to make your own unique, colorful bandana to take home.

Event Details