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Wild Wonders Live Animal Show

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Over at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater, “The West is Wild” will be presented twice daily on weekends, at noon and 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays; and once on weekdays – at noon (starting June 15th there will be two-weekday shows, also). 

There’s a new sheriff in the fictional Triple R Town, and he’s come to enforce the recycling code. And help people learn about reducing waste and reusing items instead of throwing them away, too.

But he’s not like just any other lawman. This is Sheruff Bones (aka Herald the dog or his understudy, Mazie Mae), and he leads a cast of talented zookeepers-turned-actors and amazing animals in a fast-paced show that will amaze and inspire visitors to learn more about these animals, yearn for experiences in the outdoors, and be motivated to help the environment. And Sheruff Bones is ready to enforce the law, presiding over an action-packed show that highlights rappelling, mountain biking, snowshoeing, bird-watching, picnicking and other activities that people can do right in their own Puget Sound-area backyard.

The show takes place on a stage that’s been transformed into the fictional Wild West town of Triple R, where the watchwords are reduced, reuse and recycle.

Talented zookeepers and zoo operations department staff members, including one who once worked on Hollywood film sets, created just the right atmosphere for the show.

When Sheruff Bones comes riding in on his custom-made hot air balloon at show’s end, visitors will have learned quite a bit about enjoying the outdoors.

Zoo guests also will leave with facts they can use to make sustainable choices to help the environment and keep wild places beautiful and safe for the animals that live there. Small actions like using rechargeable batteries and reuseable water bottles, shopping bags and lunch containers can have big results. 

Event Details