ParentMap Magazine

January 2019

We love kicking off the New Year with an issue chock-full of useful and (hopefully) inspiring content for parents of children of all ages and stages. 

Our new feature, Parent Day Jobs, will introduce you to a diverse community of moms and pops who navigate the delights and trials of parenthood — and also make a difference in the lives of other families every day; we begin with a mindful mama, pediatrician Dr. Tiffany Spanier.

As parents, a paramount concern is our kids’ mental health. You don’t need the stats from recent studies to know that “our kids are so stressed; they literally cannot stop worrying.” You can have an impact! Get serious in 2019 about your family destressing together with a commitment to a family fitness routine, whether you define your home team as gregarious geocaching types or yoga devotees.

Go find your family’s “moving and grooving” motion, and stick to it!