ParentMap Magazine

April 2022

If you asked the average parent to name what quality of character they expect might guarantee long-term happiness and success for their child, they might be likely to put kindness at the top of the list. We all want to raise our child as an everyday hero who understands what the “greater good” is and how they can uniquely contribute to it.

Luckily, it turns out you can raise your own kindly hero at the dinner table! Researchers have found that there are a number of skills you can build in yourself — and coach in your child over time — that greatly boost hero characteristics and capabilities: 1. Concern for the well-being of others; 2. Understanding other perspectives; 3. Possessing useful skills and strengths of character; 4. Possessing a strong moral compass; 5. Demonstrating competence and confidence; 6. Sensitively supporting an ability to face fear.

The current gut-wrenching state of aggression in Ukraine is just the latest humanitarian crisis to ignite our imperative global response. We hope the inspiring organizations and young change-makers featured within the pages of our April issue will give you ideas for how to bolster your family’s everyday heroism in exponential service to the greater good.