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10 Holiday Food Gifts You Can Make with Kids

Marzipan penguins

The minute November comes around each year I’m in full-on worry mode about the holidays. Where are we going for Christmas this year? When is Chanukah? Who do we get gifts for? Combine this annual worry with a pinch of belt-tightening and the winter holidays can seem like more of a recipe for stress balls than butter balls.

This year I am planning to skip the malls and get back to that most basic of gifts: Food. Food-related gifts are relatively inexpensive to make, don’t require AA batteries or make obnoxious noises, and are usually highly appreciated by their recipients. Better still, you can involve the kids on the assembly line and in the process create a new tradition around giving that imparts the satisfaction of making something that their friends and relatives will truly love.

Here are 10 ideas for food-related gifts you can make with your kids:
Marzipan Animals, Leaves, or Fruits
Molding marzipan fruits and vegetables for Christmas presents is one of the most memorable craft experiences from my childhood. Marzipan is a tasty paste of play dough-like malleability that is made of ground almonds and sugar. You can make your own marzipan, but it’s easiest to buy a tube of it. Color chunks of it with food coloring (or paint it with a paintbrush) and use it to model pretty much anything you can think of. Kids of all ages enjoy modeling creatures out of it or using cookie cutters to make cake decorations. If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and some serious baking skills, have the kids help make marzipan mushrooms, branches, leaves, and forest critters to adorn a Bûche de Noël.

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