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12 Sweet Treats for Thanksgiving

Published on: November 05, 2012

Thanksgiving mini pumpkin pies by My Baking Addiction

Bite-sized sweets are all the rage, and we can’t get enough of these mini pumpkin pies featured on My Baking Addiction. Perfect for a unique dessert or even as a holiday party appetizer, these sweet little pies are sure to be a favorite at this year’s family feast. Something tells us that you’ll have fewleft over once they’ve made the rounds (unless you hide extras in the fridge, that is!). Check out the full post for the complete recipe — and for an included link to Jamie’s mini lemon meringue pies.

Thanksgiving candy cornucopia by Simple Girl

Got leftover Halloween candy corn taking up space in the pantry? Consider whipping up these clever candy cornucopias included on Simple Girl! Easily made with only five ingredients — waffle cones, melted chocolate, candy corn, candy pumpkins, and Mom Rachel’s caramelized crispy snack mix — these harvest cuties are a great treat for your littlest chefs to help create. And, if you want to make them extra snazzy like Rachel’s be sure to sprinkle on a little gold sugar once your chocolate has dried around the edges — you can never go wrong with a little extra sparkle! To get the scoop on Rachel’s snack mix, be sure to check out her full tutorial.

Thanksgiving pie fries by CakeSpy

Leave it to Jessie, the crafty baker extraordinaire behind CakeSpy, to whip up a fun modern take on an old holiday classic. Never again will you wonder what to do with those leftover pie scraps… You’ll make pie fries, of course! Easily made with a brush of butter, some cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top, and a quick run through the oven, these cute little dippers pair nicely with a dollop of jam on the side. Quick, easy, and novel. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Thanksgiving apple pie cookies by Inspire Me

Love baking apple pies each year for the holidays? Try your hand at making these delicious apple pie cookies offered up on Inspire Me! Yet another neat way to put a playful spin on a classic holiday dessert, these cookies still have all the ooey-gooey goodness of the usual apple pie, but they’re small enough to fit in your hand. Who can resist having a holiday pie all of her very own for dessert?

Thanksgiving apple turkey treat by Meet the Dubiens

If you’re hoping to add a healthy snack to this year’s Thanksgiving kid’s table, don’t miss out on this clever apple gobbler featured on Meet the Dubiens. Made with a pear, apple slices, a baby carrot, and a dash of icing for the eyes, this creative turkey is sure to get plenty of giggles from your little ones during the holidays. Pair it with a dish of caramel dipping sauce for a bit of added sweetness!

Thanksgiving pumpkin pie milkshakes by A Beautiful Mess

Craving something cool yet classic this Thanksgiving? Try your hand at making a delicious pumpkin pie milkshake like this one included on A Beautiful Mess. Pumpkin pie lovers Elsie and Emma make these tasty creamy drinks look downright effortless — and they’re certainly an excellent pick for those leftover slices taking up space in the fridge after the big feast! To make your own, stick a pie slice, two cups of vanilla ice cream, and one to one-and-half cups of milk into the blender. If you’re making shakes for the whole fam, simply double or triple your recipe as needed — sinfully easy, we know!

Thanksgiving pilgrim hat cookies by The Crafting Chicks

If you’re hoping to include your pint-sized sous chefs in this year’s Thanksgiving treat-making fun, consider whipping up a batch of these adorable “pilgrim hats” featured on The Crafting Chicks. Not only do these neat sweets only require a couple of steps of preparation, but they’re made with only four ingredients — fudge-striped cookies, chocolate chips, large marshmallows, and frosting gel. Expect hats off for this holiday treat!

Thanksgiving sweet potato cupcakes with toasted marshmallow frosting by Annie's Eats

Give those sweet potatoes some extra pizzazz this Thanksgiving by turning them into mouthwatering cupcakes like these beauties featured on Annie’s Eats. Sweet potatoes may be an acquired taste for some and as an on-the-fencer herself, Annie admits that she had her doubts… But, it was these tasty cupcakes that made her a believer. Finished off with some gorgeous toasted marshmallow frosting, Annie explains that the cupcakes are not overwhelming in taste, and that they’re comparable to pumpkin or carrot cake. So long, boring baked sweet potatoes — hope you’re ready for your makeover!

Thanksgiving pumpkin pops by The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle

We’ll be the first to admit it, we’re a sucker for pumpkins come fall — and that’s exactly why we can’t get enough of these twee little pumpkin pops featured on The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle. Bringing a clever dash of cuteness to the original favorite sweets on sticks, these perfect pumpkins only require two ingredients total — orange lollipops and green flood icing. Keep in mind that you’ll want to start your festive mini gourds the day before as the icing needs to set, but overall, they’re a great project for your tots to help with, and they’re sure to wow as gifts for guests during your celebration.

Thanksgiving Rice Krispies turkeys by AlphaMom

Got a million things on your holiday to-do list this year? Put your favorite mini in charge of creating these colorful Rice Krispies treat turkeys for a quick and easy Thanksgiving dessert! Made using chocolate Rice Krispies cereal for the turkey’s snap-crackle-pop body, these cute edible gobblers get their good looks from a variety of candies stuck on flared toothpicks (you know, the fancy ones). For the candies, AlphaMom recommends decking out your fowl with the likes of Mike & Ikes, candy corn, gum drops, mini M&Ms, fruit loops cereal, and marshmallows. Check out the full post for more fun photos of these natty turkeys.

Thanksgiving Oreo turkeys by Cookies and Cups

Another cool kid-approved treat to add to your festive fun file — these adorable Oreo turkeys included on Cookies and Cups are sure to please your own little birdies this Thanksgiving. To make your own, you’ll want to have Oreos, pretzel sticks, chocolate-covered marshmallows (or Whoppers), candy corn, and some decorating icing for your turkeys’ eyes. Mama Shelly recommends using the Double Stuff cookies if you have them, but if you don’t, never fear — just use what she likes to call “the redneck Double Stuff” — two topless Oreos smashed together for extra filling.

Thanksgiving apple cider donut holes by Feastie

Got a houseful of doughnut lovers gracing your Thanksgiving table this year? Consider whipping up these scrumptious baked apple cider doughnut holes by Feastie. Adding a healthier touch to the typically fried classic snack, these doughnuts can easily be made in a muffin tin to create “holes.” And the best part — this treat can be enjoyed after the big meal and then again the next morning for breakfast! We’re sure you won’t have too many complaints about these leftovers. Check out the rest of the full post for the recipe and walkthrough; we promise that you’ll be nicely surprised at how easy these tasty little bites are to make!

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