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15 Cool Homemade Summer Treats for Kids

Watermelon ice popsicles by Dawn ViolaWatermelon Ice Pops

Food editor and savvy chef Dawn Viola shares this fantastic and easy idea for making watermelon ice pops with mint — and though the recipe may be simple, those pops are sure to please both the kids and adults around your patio this summer.

To make your own icy watermelon mint popsicles, you'll want to have fresh organic, seedless watermelon on hand, along with fresh mint, kosher salt, organic sugar, popsicle sticks, and a container for freezing the pops. As for containers, Viola notes that a variety of regular kitchen items will do the trick, so you don't have to buy a special kit: muffin tins, Dixie cups, tall parfait glasses (as she used), or ice cube trays. And really, it doesn't matter what the popsicles look like, as long as they taste good and cool you down during the summer's warm months!

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