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12 Adorable DIY Mother's Day Cards

Give mom a gift from the heart with one of these sweet Mother's Day card ideas that kids can make

Published on: March 27, 2017

Finger-painted Mother's Day Card

1. Little Picassos

How many times have you let the kiddos loose with finger paints? This inspired idea by Mombot lets you turn those masterpieces into Mother’s Day cards to share with mom or granny. By adding cute snapshots of the artist in action, this card is sure to stay on display well past Mother’s Day.

 "MOM" and "WOW" topsy turvy card

2. Wow for Mom!

Housing a Forest shares an easy card DIY to show some appreciation for mom this Mother’s Day. A few crafty cuts of construction paper create an alpha-card that says both MOM and WOW. The kids can decorate the cards with glitter, stickers, and markers for a personal touch.

 Flower petal hanging card

3. Plant-a-card

Forget about the plain, one-fold cards. This “potted” card idea by KareWares holds petite petals and love notes for mom. The full post shows how to string along the blooms for one unique Mother’s Day card. Check it out!

 Thumbprint cards

4. Thumb-body loves Mom

This idea by Simply Kierste was first blogged as a Valentine’s card idea, but we think it’s the perfect solution for a “from all of us” card for Mother’s Day. Each family member inks his or her thumbprint onto cardstock (line ‘em up biggest to smallest), add some stick-figure-like details and names, and you’re done!

 Photo cutout craft card

5. Pics and poems

Put cutie’s mug front and center with this clever Mother’s Day card idea from Teacher Idea Factory. First grade teacher Kelley had her students pose like they were holding something above their heads, then they added colorful cutouts to make the scenery. The best part? Handwritten notes and poems are scribbled inside.

 inchworm card

6. Mini-card

This unsuspecting inchworm from Handmade Charlotte is actually a Mother’s Day card in disguise. A little scrap of green paper is transformed with a few accordion folds and a tiny “I love you” is written inside – so cute!

cupcake cards

7. Creative cupcakes

Check out the sweet inspiration for cupcake cards over at Apples and ABC’s. Teacher Michelle offers her template for digital download for about $2, or you can get creative and make your own, too. The cupcake tops say “You are the sweetest mom,” and on the inside, there are fill-in-the blank questions for the kids to answer.

 Printable coloring cards

8. Coloring cards

Handmade cards the easy way – Dandee Designs created a simple coloring-book style template that’s as easy as print, color, and fold. We love the watercolor look! Mama Danyelle suggests making the cards with the kids for grandma, or emailing the link to whomever is in charge of your Mother’s Day gift giving. Hint, hint!


9. Double duty

Here’s an idea for cards that keep on giving at Kindergarten Smiles. By printing the kids’ drawings onto colorful cardstock, you can make a cutesy “from the desk of” set of notecards for mom. Moms will love giving these cards out to family and friends.

 Watercolor tea-time card

10. Tea time

This easy Mother’s Day card idea by Montessori Mama is also an invitation for a tea party! The kids decorate the little teacup shapes, the details of the party are added, and it’s all topped off with a bag of tea. What a great way to round up all the moms you know for a lovely Mother’s Day gathering.

 Blooming hearts craft card

11. Hearts in bloom

Making this cute card is a lot easier than it looks! All you need is patterned paper, cardstock, scissors, and glue. Cut out eight little hearts, glue four hearts to the card, and fold the other four in half to glue and layer on top of the other hearts at the seams. Head over to A Thrifty Mom for a closer look!

 Melted crayon cards

12. Melted hearts

The Gold Jelly Bean has a great tutorial for Mother’s Day cards made from melted crayons. Crayon shavings, wax paper, Modge Podge and a hair dryer (plus parental supervision) make for fun designs for any occasion.

This article was updated on March 27, 2017.

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