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15 Fun Gift Ideas for End-of-School Year and Teacher Appreciation Week

Say 'thank you' to the teachers in your life with these teach gift ideas

Published on: April 16, 2013

Potted succulents from Hello Bee

Take a dip
So the Lazy Mom’s Guide says get the teacher a potted plant and call it a day. But this idea for neon-dipped potted succulents from Hello Bee requires minimal effort for maximum results. Simply dip the terra cotta pots in your favorite bright paints, add the petite plants with little note pennants, and you’re done — so much more personal than bedraggled begonias.


Cozy coffee
Shake some life into the tired coffee mug gift idea with this fun DIY for a felt coffee cozy, created by the brilliant minds behind Instructables. The cozies get a personal touch with the kiddos’ favorite shapes or letters. Pair with a bag of coffee or a gift card for a bold thank you.

 Stamped spoons from Whimsical Heart String Etsy shop

Stamped spoons
We’ve been seeing versions of stamped silverware everywhere lately, and we want on the bandwagon! These stamped spoons are for sale at the Whimsical Heart String Etsy shop. The garden markers have lovely sayings on them, perfect for teacher. Or, if you’re feeling extra handy, Elizabeth Anne Designs features a DIY tutorial on how to hammer spoons yourself.

 Plantable wildflower paper - Marry This

Green thumb
For all those garden-ista teachers, this idea for plantable wildflower paper featured over at Marry This has a lot of potential. Made simply using blended paper pulp and seeds, the end fabrication is lovely sheets of paper perfect for all of your DIY teacher gifts. Why not use cookie cutters for fun shapes, or turn the sheets into bookmarks? Head over to the full post for helpful tips on how to get the pulpy mix just right.

 Homemade strawberry preserves - Mama Margy

Spread the love
You’ve got all the kids’ teachers covered with this Hide the Cheese recipe for homemade strawberry preserves. Mama Margy offers some great canning advice in the post (including links to canning safety guidelines) along with the full recipe. Her kids even got creative with the recipe by adding a splash of lemon to the mix! Make sure to make a huge batch so you have plenty of extra for last-minute gifts (and breakfast toast).

 Jumbo chocolate pencils by Thrifty and Thriving

Good point!
We love this chocolates-in-disguise idea featured on Thrifty and Thriving. A roll of Rolos and a Hershey’s Kiss are dolled up to look like jumbo pencils with the help of some cardstock and foil. Tie on a sweet note of appreciation, and you’ve got one adorable — and delicious — gift!

 Mini chalkboard easels from I Heart Nap Time

Easy easels
Here’s a crafty gift idea for artsy teachers — mini chalkboard easels! Creative Mom Jamielyn of I Heart Nap Time picked up these easels from a craft store and spruced them up with regular paint, chalkboard paint and a chalkboard marker for the kids to handwrite their thank-yous. So easy!

 Pampering jars from The Gunny Sack

Momma Tonia of The Gunny Sack gets appreciation gifts right with her idea for cute kits in a jar. We think the pampering jar — filled with cozy socks and assorted lotions and potions — is sure to be a hit with the kids’ teachers. Head over to the full post to download the printable labels and for other jarred gift ideas. S’mores in a jar? First aid kit in a jar? Clever much.

 eighteen25’s coffee gift card holder

Teachers need fuel to get through their long days. Say thanks with eighteen25’s DIY idea for a coffee gift card holder. The full post includes links to printables and instructions you’ll need to make a gift that’s sure to please to the last drop. We love the corrugated cardboard sleeve!

 Teacher tea towels from The Lovely Cupboard

Tidy towels
The folks over at The Lovely Cupboard would agree — you can never have too many tea towels! Let the kids personalize plain white towels with fabric markers and stencils for a unique gift for Teacher Appreciation Week. We think quotes from the kids’ favorite books, thank you notes or memories from the school year would be fun.

 Teacher-inspired tote by Sun Scholars

Teacher totes
The kids will love adding their touch to this teacher-inspired tote dreamed up by Sun Scholars. Simply take a plain canvas tote and apply lines to resemble notebook paper. Then, the kids can doodle their teacher’s name along with a stick-figure portrait. Depending on your skills, you can either embroider over the kids’ drawings, or outline with a Sharpie or fabric marker. What a great gift for the bookworm teacher!

 Lotions and soaps from A Mom’s Year

Helping hands
Scented soaps and lotions seem to be a popular idea for teacher gifts. Make your gift stand out with this simple idea from A Mom’s Year. Add adorable hand cutouts with a note from the kids that read “You deserve a hand” — isn’t that the truth!

 Class memory jar by Steamy Kitchen

Memory jars
For all those times when teachers feel overwhelmed and overworked, this class memory jar featured over at Steamy Kitchen is the perfect way for the kids to show their appreciation. Each student writes down his or her favorite memory of the school year, or a missive to thank the teacher, and the class fills up the jar with positivity!

 Watercolor masterpiece from The Long Thread

Class act
Get the whole class involved with this idea for a watercolor masterpiece featured on The Long Thread. This idea works well because each student is able to personalize his or her shape with different media and colors, but it still comes together as a nice collection. Watercolor, paints, or pencils — all are welcome!

 Tea wreath featured by Kojo Designs

Tea for two
This idea for a tea wreath featured over at Kojo Designs is steeped in so much crafty goodness we can barely stand it! Wreaths — love ‘em! Adding clothespins — genius. Colorful teas — awesome gift idea. The best part is that after the teas are enjoyed, your child’s teacher will enjoy using the wreath to display kids’ art projects, family photos, and more. This is just a good gift idea for anyone, for any occasion!

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