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15 Halloween Crafts and Activities for Kids

Published on: September 16, 2013

Halloween chalkboard pumpkin by Zakka LifeHalloween Chalk Fun

If you're looking for a new way to bedazzle this year's jack-o-lantern, consider checking out this neat idea from Zakka Life for making chalkboard pumpkins.

Also a great decorating idea for toddlers who aren't quite ready for pumpkin carving, these spook-tacular pumpkins can be easily made using chalkboard paint and a bit of painter's tape for the stem. That's it! Simply spray your pumpkin with about three coats of paint, let it dry for 24 hours, and voilà -- you're totally set to begin chalking up your pumpkin to perfection!

Halloween Creature Votive Candles by Make and TakesHalloween-a-Glow-Go

Put those extra pasta sauce and baby food jars to good use to light up your Halloween with some spooky homemade votives, like these featured on Make and Takes.

A great way to reuse old jars that are taking up space in your pantry, this project is easy and perfect for small hands. To get started, you'll want to have jars handy (with mouths large enough to drop in tea lights), along with black construction paper, tissue paper, and some white glue mixed with a tad of water. Trace an outline for your silly, spooky face, coat your jar with glue, and begin layering your tissue paper on top. Your glowing Halloween characters will be lighting and frighting up the night in no time!

Halloween witches hat by 4 Crazy KingsMagical Halloween Hats

Got a little one who is dressing up as a witch this Halloween? Consider making her a magical hat, like those featured on 4 Crazy Kings!

Made using a paper plate and an Elmo party hat from the "I'll deal with it later" pile (tee hee), Mama King admits that she constructed and painted the hats before letting her daughter's preschool class go wild with the glitter, googly eyes, and sequin stars. Check out the full post for a great pictorial on creating your own hats, and for excellent ideas on what works well for bedazzling.

Plastic lid Halloween monsters by Crafts by AmandaPlastic Creepers

Another fantastic idea for turning your recycled goods into twee Halloween crafts, we can't get enough of these plastic lid monsters featured on Crafts by Amanda!

To get started, you'll want to have an array of colorful lids, glue, craft foam or construction paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaners (if wanted), scissors, and a black marker. Dab on your glue and begin decking out your eco-friendly monsters with personality -- that's all there is to it.

Our favorite part about this project -- if you've got magnets on hand, simply glue them to the back of the lids after the fronts have dried and you'll be able to enjoy their silly faces all year long!

Halloween pumpkin jugs by Filth WizardryPumpkin Party

Like we said earlier, we love the idea of using recycled goods for crafts! But really, these pumpkin jugs featured on Filth Wizardry certainly take the Halloween cake.

Made using leftover milk jugs, Mama Lindsey and her crew used orange acrylic paint and thick black paper for the faces to make these cute jack-o-lantern spook-alikes. The lids have been adorned with green construction paper leaves and pipe cleaner vines.

And our hands-down favorite part about this project: the backs of the jugs are hollowed out so that they can be used for trick-or-treating, or for neat doorstep luminaria. Versatile and eco-friendly!

Halloween floating ghost craft by Every Day is a Crafting DayBoo-tiful Ghouls

Every Day is a Crafting Day offers up this excellent idea for making a floating Halloween ghost. And the best part -- it's just as easy as it is beautiful.

To get started, Mama Tuesdee set up an empty soda bottle with a styrofoam ball on top and shaped wire around it for the ghost's outline. Once your ghost's "skeleton" is complete, simply spread  cheese cloth over the top and begin spraying down the cheese cloth with starch (Tuesdee recommends using a spray bottle). Blow-dry your newly starched ghost with a hairdryer and, once it's completely dry, glue on felt eyes for a cool and creepy finishing touch. Be sure to check out the full post for a walk-through and great photos of Tuesdee's own floating ghost!

Halloween shadow makers by Mini-EcoShadow Makers That Go Bump in the Night

Featured on Mini-Eco, we can't get enough of these DIY Halloween shadow makers! They've got that Tim Burton-esque creepy-cute feel and we have no doubt that they'll pack plenty of spooky fun for your shadow-throwing tots this fall.

Incredibly easy to make, these shadow makers only require black paper, sticky tape, and wooden sticks (Mama Kate used coffee stir sticks). And if it's this crafty Halloween crew that you're hoping to make, be sure to check out Mini-Eco's full post -- Kate offers a free downloadable template for her shadowy spooks, along with full instructions.

Halloween haunted house by Alpha MomHomemade Haunts

If you've got a tot who spooks easily at the mere thought of going to the local haunted house (we do too, we won't lie), consider making your own, like this one shown on Alpha Mom.

A fun, non-scary alternative to the ordinary haunted house, this charming playhouse project requires cardboard, painting materials, duct tape, and a box cutter (for adult use). Be sure to visit Alpha Mom for the full scoop -- she's got a fantastic pictorial on how they created their own haunted house from start to finish and tips on finding inexpensive supplies. Overall, a crafty fun idea for some super scare-free, Halloween fun!

Cardboard tube monsters by Alisa BurkeMonster Madness

It doesn't get much cuter than these DIY Halloween monsters featured on Alisa Burke!

Simply made with upcycled cardboard tubes in various sizes, colorful paints, and decorative goods such as pom poms and toothpicks, these gorgeous little monsters are sure to bring a boost of bright cheer to your home this Halloween. And think of all of the fun monster faces that can be included!

Check out the full post for a complete walk-through and some absolutely gorgeous photography -- we promise that you won't be disappointed.

Halloween bowling game by Ramblings of a Crazy WomanSpooky Strikes

Turn your hallway (or driveway) into a frighteningly funtastic Halloween bowling alley with this homemade game featured on Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

This idea is perfect for an upcoming Halloween bash and we especially love the fact that it can be played indoors or outdoors. To get started on your own bowling alley, cut your ghoulish characters out of colorful construction paper and glue them onto recycled plastic soda bottles. That's all there is to it, and you'll be garnering those scary strikes in no time!

Halloween paper bag pumpkin bowls by The Long ThreadPapier-mâché Pretty

Mama Ellen of The Long Thread features this fun idea for upcycling your old grocery bags into these beautiful Halloween papier-mâché bowls.

Perfect for a trick-or-treating bowl or festive decoration, these vessels are simply made using glue, water, tissue paper, and plastic and paper grocery bags. Be sure to check out the rest of this post for the full walk-through and tips on shaping your bowls. Ellen recommends working on this project outdoors with tots, as it can get a little messy -- yet, in our opinion, "messy" typically equates to a whole lot of fun!

Halloween garland by Ikat BagHalloween Garlands for All

For some easy, inexpensive Halloween decorations, we recommend checking out Ikat Bag for tips on making this festive Halloween garland.

A great craft for younger tots, simply gather up your colorful construction paper, and get to work on gluing and cutting out your creepy characters. Mama Lorraine's brood used a white crayon for the black cat's whiskers and mouth, and they finished off the garland by taping their decorations onto a string for hanging. Overall, an incredibly easy project that's sure to bring a festive pop of color to your home (or porch) this Halloween!

Halloween bat finger puppets by Frugal Family Fun BlogFeelin' Batty

We love these homemade bat finger puppets, featured on the Frugal Family Fun Blog -- they're easy to make and sure to offer plenty of creative fun for your little ones come Halloween!

These little guys are a snap to make, though Mom may want to consider working on the bat shapes. Made using craft foam and googly eyes, Mama Valerie sewed a couple of stitches onto the ring part so that the bats would stay put, before letting her little one run wild with the googly eyes. Be sure to check out the rest of this post for a fun poem to go along with your new puppet friends!

Halloween paper jack-o-lanterns by Let's ExplorePaper Perfect Pumpkins

What Halloween party would be complete without some streaming jack-o-lanterns, like these creations featured on Let's Explore.

A great project for small hands, these hanging 3D pumpkins are sure to be a crowd pleaser at this year's Halloween bash. To get started, you'll want to have strips of orange construction paper, paper fasteners for the top and bottom, string, pipe cleaners, and some black construction paper for jack's facial features. All in all, an easy afternoon project that will add a nice touch of color to your party this season!

Halloween apple stamping by Mom in MadisonJack-o-Lantern Apples

We're always a fan of apple stamping, and these homemade jack-o-lantern prints featured on Mom in Madison are no exception!

To make your own jack stamps, start off by halving an apple and carve out a pair of eyes along with a mouth (Mama Denise recommends leaving the "seed area" for the nose). Once your apples are looking more like mini pumpkins, simply glop on some orange paint and get busy stamping away! After the orange prints are dried to perfection, continue adding all of their silly black facial features. The sky's the limit!

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