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15 Homemade Gifts That Kids Can Make for Teachers

Published on: May 26, 2011

Apple stampingA+ Apple Stamping

We love this idea for apple stamping featured on Meet the Dubiens. And really, what a great idea for making personalized thank-you cards for your child's teachers!

Plus, this is one art project that is incredibly easy for young kids -- simply slice a couple of apples in half down the middle, dip your apple slices into paint and start stamping away. Editor's tip: These clever apple stamps would also make excellent prints for a teacher's personalized, canvas book bag!

Homemade playdoughRainbow Connection

If your child's in preschool, consider getting his or her teacher a gift that can be used in the classroom throughout the summer, such as this beautiful rainbow play dough, shown on TinkerLab.

Though Mama Rachelle made this play dough in honor of St. Patrick's Day, this is one fun teacher gift that will provide plenty of afternoon fun (for everyone!) in the classroom. We recommend finding neat containers for the play dough and pairing it with a homemade card -- or a gift card. You can never go wrong with gift cards!

Apple cake popsAn Apple a Day...

Bakerella features this fun idea for making apple cake pops and we can wholeheartedly say, this is one apple treat that your child's teacher will not be able to resist!

Simply made using red candy melts, mini chocolate cakes, lollipop sticks and pretzels for the stems, these apple cake pops will certainly be a homemade hit. Check out Bakerella's full tutorial for basic cake pop instructions and for tips on creating those cute cartoonish faces.

Homemade chia petTeacher's Pet

We like Little Home on the Hill's homemade Chia pet so much, that this is the second time that we're featuring it! But really, plants always make for such great gifts -- especially those that have funny, silly faces and grow hair.

And though Little Home on the Hill chose to use watercress seeds for their sprouting hair, we think it'd also be neat to include an edible herb such as chives (mohawk!), thyme or oregano. Overall, a fun, unique idea for a teacher who absolutely loves all things that sprout.

Personalized notepad Teacher's Favorite Notepad

4 Crazy Kings offers up this neat idea for making notepads as teachers' gifts and her child's personalized drawings are just too adorable!

Mama King explains that after her daughter drew pictures of her teachers, she scanned and sized the images, included their names and then took them to Kinkos for binding and cutting to be made into 75-page notepads. And the best part? Each notepad only cost a whopping total of $5.50. Visit 4 Crazy Kings for the full scoop!

Felt flowersYear-Round Beauties

You know what's better than receiving a nice bouquet of flowers? Getting super cool recycled flowers that last all summer, like these ones shown on Plum Pudding!

Simply made with felt, buttons and cardboard, these colorful DIY blooms will last much longer than the ordinary bouquet -- yet they're still just as pretty. Visit Plum Pudding for the full details and her great pictorial on how to create these fantastic homemade flowers.

Crayon monogram Crayola Cool

Testosterone Times Three features this cute idea for making crayon monograms with your teacher's last initial.

And though Mama Dawn admits that this project was a little time consuming, she also explains that it was an excellent way to reuse all of her family's old crayons -- all while making an inexpensive, sweet gift. Check out Testosterone Times Three for the full tutorial on how to recreate these neat framed gifts. It's certainly one that your child's teacher will love to keep on her desk or framed on the wall!

Finger PuppetsTeacher's New Toys

Know a kindergarten teacher with fantastic storytelling skills? Check out these adorable, homemade felt finger puppets included by a guest blogger on Whip Up!

A perfect gift that can be used year-round in the classroom, these neat little felted animals are easy for both adults and older children to make with only a handful of supplies needed, such as carded wool and wool felt scraps. Mom may want to handle the needle and thread, but there are plenty of other tasks where younger tots can be a great help as well. Check out Whip Up's full pictorial for all of the included steps. Too cute!

Tissue paper vaseTissue Paper Pretty

Here's another great end-of-the-year gift idea for your preschooler's teacher -- these gorgeous tissue paper vases featured on Let's Explore.

An excellent homemade gift that is easy for small hands to make, these bright and colorful, DIY vases only require Mod Podge and tissue paper. Super easy, right? Plus, they'll look great on your favorite teacher's desk or at home on their windowsill, year-round!

Crayon candleRainbow Bright

Thinking about making your child's teacher a thank-you goody bag this year? Consider throwing in a homemade rainbow candle such as this one shown on No Time for Flashcards.

Yet another great way to rejuvenate old crayons, this project is super easy and inexpensive -- you'll only need chopped up crayon pieces for melting, a recycled jar and a candle wick. And though Mom will want to handle the hot crayon wax, your child will have a great time picking out particular colors and jars for their special teachers. Decorative tea light containers would also make for a nice touch!

Painted flower bookmarks Perfect Page Savers

Homemade bookmarks are always a great for a teacher who loves to read and these blossom bookmarks featured on Time to Craft are just too pretty to pass up!

Inspired by white spring blooms seens on a walk home from school one day, Time to Craft's Cheryl explains that her children used their fingers for painting the petals and the end of a match to make the flowers' stamens and stems. Overall, an incredibly easy project for little ones and yet a fantastic idea for a heartfelt teacher's gift.

DIY sticky note holderStuck on You

Creative Kismet includes this fun idea for making sticky note holders for her children's teachers last year as an inexpensive, yet useful gift.

Simply made using cardboard, decorative paper, binder clips, sticky magnet strips and note paper, these colorful note pads are sure to brighten up any teacher's desk and make note taking that much more fun. And we absolutely love the decorative paper and yarn pencils included -- such an easy addition for that little bit of extra pizazz!

Magnet planterPlanting the Seeds of Appreciation

Like we mentioned earlier, we are a total sucker for receiving plants as gifts... So needless to say, we could not resist sharing One Charming Party's idea for making these cute, magnetic planters.

Simply made using recycled cans and glued-on magnets, these planters would be perfect for a take-home gift that your child's teacher can use in years to come. And though One Charming Party recommends using strawberry plants, we think that pretty much any starting seeds would be great. (But strawberries ARE particularly pretty!)

Pressed flower note cards Impressive Appreciation Cards

Got spring flowers that your kids are dying to press? Turn those pretty blooms into greeting cards or hanging art as shown on Mom in Madison!

After your flowers have spent their time drying in a favorite book, simply use a layer of Mod Podge on the card's cover and gently lay the flowers on top. Once the flowers and glue have dried, add a final layer over the top and voila! You've got yourself one unique and beautiful thank-you card. Visit Mom in Madison to check out her great tutorial.

Customized notepadTeacher Appreciation Notes

Looking for more homemade notepad ideas? Little Birdie Secrets offers up a great tutorial for making personalized notepads from scratch, such as this cute one for teachers shown on the right.

Using non-toxic notepad adhesive, a stack of paper cut to your desired size and a thicker, same-sized cover with a decorative pattern, the Little Birdie Secrets ladies show you just how easy it can be to make a customized notepad -- and that it's also a fairly easy process. We love that they included what looks like a page from the dictionary as the cover -- too cool!

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