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13 Mother's Day Gifts That Kids Can Make

Try one of these easy DIY ideas for a sentimental, homemade gift

Published on: April 05, 2017

print cards1. Love prints

Amy of Let's Explore offers up some excellent ideas for homemade Mother's Day cards, including these bright and colorful cards that she made with her daughter.

Using washable tempera paint and Q-Tips, this printmaking craft project is great for children of all ages. Check the full post for a complete walkthrough.

flower vase2. Natural beauty

Garden Mama shares a neat tutorial on how her children made this beautiful flower vase out of tree branches. 

To get started on your own DIY vase, have your children gather up their chosen branches and twigs, help with some hot glue gun action and add some beautiful spring flowers. Overall, an easy project that's sure to please Mom on her special day!

bookmarks3. Mother's Day bookmarks

Marie of Make and Takes explains how her husband made this adorable bookmark for her as a gift one year, and how she in turn made them for the grandmothers in her family. One side of the bookmark features the word "mother" in various languages and the other features an instant photo booth photo strip with family photos.

If you've got a mom at home who loves diving into a good book, this gift is an excellent pick that will last for many years to come.

rose jam4. Coming up roses

Who knew that you could make rose petal jelly?! Creative Kismet has an excellent recipe for making this gorgeous jelly with mint. This is certainly one recipe that we'll be trying out.

Though mom Regina explains this recipe can take a little time, she add that it's fairly easy. The greatest part about this homemade jelly: You can eat it all year long! Check out Regina's post for the full recipe and ingredient list.

bath salts5. Mother's Day pampering

Got a mama who loves to take a nice hot bath after a long day of work? Consider transforming this Mother's Day into a home spa day, beginning with this great recipe for moisturizing bath salts from Lost Button Studio!

Using only a handful of ingredients, this bath salt recipe can be made in bulk for all of the lovely ladies in your family.

flower pot6. Garden mama love

That Artist Woman offers up an excellent idea for giving painted pots as a Mother's Day present. We'll be the first to admit that we absolutely love receiving painted pots for gifts! Plus, this is an easy project for smaller children as it only requires painting and planting.

Gail of That Artist Woman recommends painting on peat pots, but we say consider ceramic so they can be used in years to come.

heart necklace7. A heartfelt Mother's Day gift

Muffin Tin Mom doesn't only offer plenty of incredible muffin tin meal ideas. It also features a great craft section, including this clay heart necklace that mom Michelle made with her kids.

Homemade with polymer clay or any kind of clay that works for baking, this necklace heart is a great project for younger children. They can mold the clay as much as they like before shaping it with a cookie cutter. 

cupcake8. This cupcake's the bomb!

Literally. We love this idea from Little Birdie Secrets. But don't let this cupcake's delicious look deceive you — it's not to be eaten.

We have no doubt that your little one will love watching the cupcake fizz during bath time fun!

plant cone9. May Day love

Based on the well-known flower cone gifts given out for May Day, this take comes from Imagine Childhood.

Made of butcher paper and ribbon, these neat cones can hang from a hook or a door knob and carry plant starts for the garden, a cute card and any other treasures. See the full pictorial for more tips and tricks!

glass pot10. Mother's Day gems

We are so excited about the homemade mosaic plant pot highlighted on Busy Hands::Busy Minds. What a sweet idea for Mother's Day!

If your mom loves tending to her plants (like us!), she'll certainly appreciate a new homemade plant pot  — especially one that is bedazzled with gems. The creative options are truly endless!

flowers11. DIY beautiful bouquet

Creative Jewish Mom has an awesome tutorial on how to make these gorgeous crepe- paper flowers. Though these could be made for various special occasions, we think they'll make a great Mother's Day gift this year!

An easy project for young children, these recyclable blooms are made using colorful crepe paper, flower wire stems and scissors. Check out the full tutorial for tips and tricks.

pictures12. Picture perfect

Plum Pudding shares this neat idea for making a hanging family photo display. This couldn't be a more perfect gift idea for Mother's Day.

Mom Megan made this hanging photo compilation by using only a handful of materials: computer-printed photos, cardstock, laminating sheets, ribbon and tin can lids.

Though kids can definitely help with a lot of this project, another adult will need to use a power drill to make the holes through each lid for the ribbons. This is one cute project that will surely make a memorable gift!

This story was updated on April 5, 2017.

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