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15 Unique Ideas for Creating a Baby Book

Published on: April 25, 2013

Balloon photo shoot by Momtog

Up, up and away!
Chock-full of baby photography inspiration, Mama Drew shares all of her tips and tricks on her blog Momtog. We love this idea for a monthly photo shoot for baby — using the same setup and backdrop, and adding one balloon for each month, you can really see how baby changes from month-to-month. (Check out the cutest little crying face at the one-month mark!).

 Insta-baby-book by Early Mama

While most of us aren’t professional baby photographers, we surely can handle a camera phone. Turn all of your Instagram photos into an artsy collection using an online photo book tool like Blurb. This example featured on Early Mama lets the photos do the storytelling with Instagram’s easy-to-use filters and effects.

 Monthly milestones by Click It Up a Notch

Monthly milestones
No time to answer hundreds of stock questions in a pre-made baby book? You can remember all the special details of your babe with this monthly milestone photo idea featured over at Click It Up a Notch. Mama Jen shares her top 10 tips for photographing your baby, including scheduling a monthly photo session to snap a photo and jotting down some memories from the month. Other tips include keeping it simple and real, capturing the “firsts,” and not forgetting to have Mom and Dad in the shot, too.

 Handmade Charlotte

Free form
Here’s an ultra-modern take on the baby book featured on Handmade Charlotte. Void of the typical pastel shades and baby animal prints, the accordion-style book is truly a blank slate ready for you to fill with your favorite memories, thoughts and photos. Get creative and make your own DIY version, or purchase this one from Kickcan & Conkers for around $17..

 The Creative Mama

Story time
The Creative Mama steals the show with this idea for custom children’s books titled On the Day I Was Born. Mama Stacey created the books for her two boys before the birth of baby sis. She says the books helped prepare the boys for the new arrival while celebrating their “firsts” and the family’s love — so sweet.

 Writing, Wishing

Write it out
When we came across the Writing, Wishing blog, we were instantly drawn in by the lovely prose by mom and writer Alison (seriously, we’d be surprised if you got in and out in less than an hour — it’s that good). The way she writes about the small moments she shares with her two sons is a brilliant model for how to capture baby’s first year.  Journal, blog, or scribble on sticky notes — just don’t miss a thing!

 iPhone Mom

Plugged in
Okay, techy parents. The Kidlee app is going to tick all of your baby-book boxes: paperless, social, device-friendly and shareable. Head over to The iPhone Mom for a full review of the app. One reviewer says: “It’s like Twitter married your baby’s milestone book!” Works for us!

 Tried & True

Years go by
This yearly interview idea by Tried & True extends the baby book idea into the toddler years. Using a 20-questions theme, Mama Vanessa asked her son questions about his favorite books, foods and what he wants to be when he grows up. A photo poster and an audio recording captures changes from year to year. For babies, we love the idea of recording tiny giggles to preserve forever!

 Jelly Bean Quilts

Memory quilts
Oh, what to do with all of those precious newborn clothes that baby instantly outgrows? The folks at Jelly Bean Quilts have a cozy idea. Send ‘em a box of your favorites, and they’ll piece together a custom quilt for baby (turnaround time is 12 to 16 weeks). They also make pillows and photo quilts — what a great way to hold on to those special moments spent rocking baby to sleep.

 The Loflands

Time capsule
You’re probably already collecting most of the stuff in this idea for a 1st birthday time capsule by The Loflands — so you’re practically done with your baby book. Jazz it up with a few special details, like: baby booties, hopes for the future, drawings or letters from siblings, maps and more. What objects would you add to remember baby’s first year?

 Strange Birdy Studios

T=Fill in the blanks
So, we may have every best intention to do it right and fill in every page of that gorgeously fab baby book, but alas, we’re only two pages in! Poster-ize the traditional baby book with the help of this beauty by Strange Birdy Studios. It has space for all the essentials — birth info, memories and firsts — in a charming design perfect to display in baby’s room for years to come.

 Design for MiniKind

Love, Mom
Blog your baby book with this heartwarming idea for letters to baby by Design for MiniKind. Mama Erin posts photos and writes her daughter numbered letters with her advice, memories and hopes. Letter #29 reads: “Sweet Bee…our lives are toppling over, mixing experience with newness, and young with old, blending the ingredients into a delicious concoction that is a family.” What sweet and honest words Bee will love reading when she’s older.


It is show time!
Easy-to-use with beautiful templates, Animoto helps you create slideshows for all of baby’s firsts with just a few clicks. The tool is free to use for videos up to 30 seconds long, or you can upgrade to longer videos and more sharing options for around $30 per year. The end product looks so professional!

 Mileston Baby Cards
Photo shoot
Let one photo tell it all with these genius Milestone Baby Cards. Just pose baby with each card as the “firsts” happen, and after all 30 have been covered, you’ll have a cute and cohesive baby book. Easy peasy! Buy a set on the website, or check out the fun photos and be inspired to create your own.

 Two Peas in a Bucket

Tiny memories
For those who are more visual than wordy, this idea for a collection of baby memorabilia offered on Two Peas in a Bucket is a great baby book alternative. If you’re like us, you’ve probably squirrelled away everything from hospital bracelets to baby’s first sock. A coin page protector makes the perfect display for all those tiny keepsakes.

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