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16 Thanksgiving Decorations That Kids Can Make

Published on: November 02, 2012

Thanksgiving turkey craft by Amanda's Parties to Go

Talk about one colorful bird! This cute little gobbler featured on Amanda’s Parties to Go is both useful and decorative as a Thanksgiving kids’ table topper. If you’re hoping to recreate this sweet little guy for this year’s festive feast, be sure to check out Amanda’s full post for free template downloads and directions on keeping your Crayolas in place. And — bonus! — Amanda offers a handful of additional free printables for pilgrim boats, coloring pages, ship sails, and other cheerful goodies for plenty of holiday adornments.

Salad spinner Thanksgiving turkey art by Dilli-Dali Art

Sometimes kitchen utensils can turn out to be the most entertaining (and versatile!) toys of them all — and that’s exactly why we love this vibrant, salad-spun turkey featured on Dilly-Dali Art! To make your own multicolored feathered friends, simply pull out your family’s trusty salad spinner, along with some leftover toilet paper tubes and paper plates (and don’t forget the googly eyes!). Put the plates in the spinner, add a couple dabs of colorful paint, and have your tots spin their way to creating this year’s bright and beautiful Thanksgiving decorations. Overall, a great project for the littles and one that’s sure to bring joy to everyone seated at this year’s table!

Thanksgiving thankful turkey craft by Meet the Dubiens

Offering up another fun take on toilet paper tubes to create adorable little turkeys, Mom Jill of Meet the Dubiens shares these sweet “thankful turkeys” that she made with her two kids earlier this fall. To get started on your own thankful birdies, you’ll want to have construction paper, cardboard tubes, craft foam, and googly eyes. Before you glue on your gobbler’s feathers, ask your kiddos to write down or tell you five things that they are thankful for. We love this project not only for its cute factor, but also for highlighting the important underlying Thanksgiving theme of gratitude. All in all, an easy and inexpensive way to get your tots busy at the art table and thinking about the spirit of the holiday!

Thanksgiving kid's table ideas by Lisa Storms

Crafter extraordinaire Lisa Storms shares this adorable idea for Thanksgiving kids’ table settings, and, really, that oversized, personalized turkey leg is sure to earn plenty of giggles from this year’s guests! Also included at this colorful fun table — mini turkey clips, a pretend “pie” containing candies and popcorn, pilgrim hat crayon containers, a fun thankful tree game for tots, and more. For added holiday fun, use a sheet of butcher paper as a table cloth for coloring. Fab, yet functional, décor — just the way we like it!

Thanksgiving turkey centerpiece by Aunt Peaches

 Aunt Peaches’ reconstructed artsy turkey is sure to be the star attraction as this year’s festive centerpiece. And the best part about this project? It not only brings life back to children’s past artwork, but it also cost her absolutely nothing to create! To get started, you’ll want to have “one boat load of kid’s art,” a leftover shoe box, five paper plates, Mod Podge, paint, a stapler or glue gun, markers or pencils, a red balloon (for the wattle, natch), and some colorful sparkly glitter (optional — who are we kidding? NOT optional). Trace, cut, and curl your mini handprints, and you’ll be on your way to creating a jazzed-up gobbler for this year’s family feast. Be sure to check out the rest of Aunt Peaches’ post for a complete walk-through and plenty of glittery-gorgeous photos of the project!

Thanksgiving keepsake bags by Share and Remember

Though Mom Stacy of Share and Remember made these fun little Thanksgiving keepsake bags with her students, we also think that this is a fantastic idea for creating personalized family place mats at home with your littlest pilgrims. Really, we couldn’t agree more with Stacy when she says: “Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving without a handprint turkey!” For the full scoop on needed craft supplies to get started, be sure to check out Stacy’s full post — we personally love the additional touch of colored mismatched noodles… But, the sky’s the limit on the bedazzling options you can come up with!

Thanksgiving handprint turkeys by Katherine Marie Photography

Speaking of handprint turkeys…  We are absolutely in love with these sweet little critters included on Katherine Marie Photography! Featuring plenty of colorful feathers, googly eyes, and a mini heart for the mouth, these baby gobblers are easy for small hands to make and sure to add a nice pop of color to this year’s table decorations. Be sure to check out the rest of this post for additional fun turkey-time ideas — Katherine includes pictures of different games, treats, and more!

Thanksgiving napkin leaf tags by Two Shades of Pink

Mom Jessica of Two Shades of Pink shares these neat DIY autumn leaf napkin tags that she made with her daughters, and we love that these can work great for both fall decorative dining décor or take-home gifts for guests! Armed with some cookie cutters, oven-bake modeling clay and craft paint, Jessica says that this project was super-easy for her and her little gals, and that the tags looked fantastic once they were complete. Be sure to check out the rest of Jessica’s full post for the complete pictorial.

Thanksgiving origami turkeys by Let's Explore

If you hail from the “less is more” camp, these cool origami mini turkeys featured on Let’s Explore are sure to win you over. Explaining that these hip little birdies are the perfect Thanksgiving project for having big kids help little kids, Mom Amy says that they simply went off of an origami swan tutorial (link included in the post) and added bright and beautiful feathers to give their gobblers some standout plumes. Amy’s family ended up using these fun fowl as their table place cards. Adorable!

Thanksgiving acorn placemats by Lily Bee Design

A fantastic take on a fall favorite, these acorn place cards featured on Lily Bee Design are sure to bring a nice dash of color to this year’s family holiday dinner. With the help of her creative mini crafter, Mom Cindy says that these simple yet lovely place cards not only turned out exactly as she’d hoped, but that they only took her one hour to complete! See her full post for the scoop on the tools and materials she used.

Thanksgiving mini paper pumpkins by Craftaholics Anonymous

Halloween may be over, but pumpkins and gourds are still all the rage while celebrating the time of harvest — and that’s exactly why we love these quick and easy mini pumpkins included on Craftaholics Anonymous. (Plus, who can resist a decorative craft that can be used for two holidays in a row?) To make your own mini pumpkin pleasers, you’ll only need to have orange, green, and brown cardstock on hand, along with a hole punch, glue, and a pen. This is an excellent decorative table idea for small hands to make, and one that will last throughout the fall.

Thanksgiving thankful tree by One More Moore

Similar to the “thankful turkeys,” this Thanksgiving tree featured on One More Moore is a great holiday project for the whole family to get in on. To make your own, simply find a broken tree branch in your neighborhood and secure it in a vase or container. Now for the fun part — sit down with your kids and make the tree’s colorful leaves, while discussing all of the things that each of you are thankful for, and attach them to the branches. Not only is this craft a great way for everyone to reflect on the people and things they love most, but it’s also one that is sure to get plenty of “oohs and awwws” from dinner guests.

Thanksgiving paper pilgrims and indians by FamilyFun

What would Thanksgiving be without remembering the original New World feast that was shared by pilgrim and Native American friends? Offering up a great opportunity to discuss the importance of and meaning behind this holiday, this easy craft project is perfect for younger kids who are just beginning to learn about Thanksgiving. Plus, these little pilgrim and Native American “village people” are darn cute as holiday table toppers! For the full scoop on creating your own, check out FamilyFun for all of the details.

Thanksgiving decorative fall leaves by Make and Takes

If you’re hoping to draw from your own backyard bounty to create a gorgeous Thanksgiving table spread, don’t miss out on Make and Takes’ fun tutorial for drawing on fall leaves. Providing a great opportunity for a bundled-up family fall walk, this activity is a perfect pick for keepin’ it simple yet beautiful this Thanksgiving. Once your leaves are dried and pressed, take a fancy silver or gold pen and write out your guests’ names, along with any thankful words you’d love to have adorn this year’s table. Overall, this is one quick and easy DIY idea that everyone in the family can enjoy!

Thanksgiving pinecone owls by Remade Simple

In need of a couple fall critters to even out this year’s Thanksgiving decorations? These mini pinecone owls featured on Remade Simple are sure to brighten up your table with plenty of creative cuteness! A perfect chance to use up any extra Halloween candy corn you have around the house, these sweet little owls are easily made with pinecones, acorns, craft paint, candy, and a little bit of glue to hold it all together. Who can resist these teeny tiny owls? (Not us!)

Thanksgiving cardboard tube maize craft by Pioneer Mother

Riffing off another fall favorite harvest feature, these DIY corn on the cobs (or, maize cobs) included on Prairie Mother are a fantastic addition to your family’s holiday table. Whether you’re using them as simple decorations or as colorful napkin rings for guests, these mini corn cobs are fun for your little niblets to make and can be created in just an afternoon. Grab bubble wrap, paint, construction paper, and leftover cardboard tubes to whip these up — easy! Be sure to check out Prairie Mother’s extra featured idea for a “dress your scarecrow” kid’s craft — there’s plenty of afternoon fall fun to be had!

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