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15 Father's Day Crafts and Activities That Kids Can Make

Celebrate Dad Day with these adorable DIY gifts!

Published on: June 05, 2017

Mini Toolboxes

Dad of All Trades

Do you know a handy dad who always has a tool for everything? This adorable mini toolbox by Alpha Mom is a great project for Dad and the kids to make together this Father's Day.

Made from Altoid tins and a few nuts and bolts (you'll also need tools like wire cutters that Dad will need to handle), the finished product is perfect for holding all the little things that get lost in the bottom of junk drawers. In her tutorial, Alpha Mom Brenda even includes templates to use as labels for the different sections of the stacked boxes. What a charming addition to Dad's workbench!

Bamboo Fishing Poles

Gone Fishing

Looking for a fun project that Dad and the kids can use together for a great outdoor activity? This crafty fishing pole project we found on Imagine Childhood is sure to keep your family entertained on Father's Day!

The main components include a bamboo garden stake, a wine cork, eye-screws, a spool, plus a few other little metal bits. Check out the full post for great step-by-step images and construction tips. After a few practice casts, the kids will be ready to find the nearest pond to try to land a big catch!

Driftwood Blocks

Blocks by Nature

Building blocks may seem like a basic toy, but the simple shapes always seem to spark endless hours of fun in every playroom. We love Let the Children Play's idea of creating a set of collected driftwood blocks.

Plan a Father's Day stroll on the beach and have the kids gather a bundle of driftwood to take home. With Dad's help, cutting the logs and sanding down any sharp edges, the end product will be a beautifully natural set of building blocks for plenty of creative play!

Coloring Photos

Coloring Memories

Do you have kids who love to color anything and everything? Try this idea for homemade coloring pages featured over at Unplug Your Kids.

For a Father's Day activity, have Dad and the kids pick out their favorite family photos and print out a few in black and white to use as coloring pages (some photo editing programs may have the capability to turn images into outlined images as well). What a fun way to bring the family together to share their special memories!


Backyard Fort

Building a fort is a surefire way to get young imaginations blooming with creativity. Backyard forts like this colorful creation over at Baby Space let the kiddos build and play in a space that's all their own.

This Father's Day, let Dad and the kids loose in the backyard with some old sheets, blankets, clothes pins, and rope, and see what happens! Regardless of what shape your new digs take, it's bound to be an adventurous ride with plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

Homemade Playdough

Sculpt and Mold

You probably have a half dozen containers of dried-out, crumbly playdough around the house (we know the feeling all too well!). Throw 'em out and follow the simple recipe featured on Little Eco Footprints to make new batches in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

Eco-minded Mom Tricia says the batches she whipped up work great for independent play, but we also think that this could be a great Father's Day activity that everyone in the family will enjoy. To get started on your own homemade dough, you'll only need to mix and knead a few ingredients (flour, salt, oil, cream of tartar, water, and food coloring). Other than that your color and play options are endless!

Paper Kites

Flying High

If you're lucky enough to get a warm and breezy Father's Day, why not plan on making homemade kites like this sweet little flier featured over on Made by Joel?

With sticks, paper, tape and string, this cool kit is easy to make, and we have no doubt that your little ones will have a blast while creating their new toy. The real fun comes with the flying though, and the joy is apparent in the faces of crafty Dad Joel's kiddos. Head over to the blog to check out pictures of the kites in flight and to see his kids chasing behind. Overall, this is an easy craft idea that the handy dads out there will love to get in on, and one that can potentially be used throughout the rest of the summer!

Instagram Poster

Picture Perfect

Do you know a dad who loves technology and taking photos with his smartphone? Check out this neat idea offered up on Tidy Mom for making art from your family's collection of Instagram photos.

This Father's Day, have the kids sit down with Dad to pick out their all-time favorite family photos, and for $25, you'll get a 20″ x 40″ high quality poster of the images fit for framing! What a truly personal piece of art!

Playing with Tape

Creative Tape Play

Turn your household surfaces into driveways, runways, and parking lots with a roll of painter's tape and a little imagination.

Dad is sure to feel like a kid again as he helps his favorite young drivers (and architects) design pathways for planes, trains, and automobiles — and the no-mess tape makes for a super-easy clean up! Check out the full post for more fun tips and budget-friendly ideas.

Juice Box Boats

Come Sail Away

Get your boats afloat with this darling craft idea by Inchmark.

With some empty juice boxes, Tyvek envelopes, wooden skewers, and colorful tape, Dad and his adventurous young sailors can create a whole fleet of speedy boats. All you'll need is a nearby pond (or kiddie pool!) and a little wind and you're off to the races — though you may consider letting Dad win here and there in honor of his special day. Check out the full blog post for tips on getting started.

Farmers Market Family

Father's Day at the Market

With the weather getting warmer, why not hit up your local farmers market this Father's Day? 

Your family is sure to have a blast picking out their favorite fresh products, with Dad's savvy help. You may even consider picking up a few goodies to whip up a special meal for Dad. Do we see a BBQ in your future?

Playing Catch

Playing Catch

Many of us probably have fond memories of playing catch with our dads. This Father's Day, you can make your own "catch and toss" toys by using plastic milk cartons and small bean bags, like this set featured over at The Imagination Tree.

Great for tons of giggles and exercise, this eco-friendly, upcycled activity is the perfect project for the "green" dads out there. Head on over and check out the full blog post, which includes sewing tips for the beanbags (or you could even use ping pong balls!). All in all, an easy-peasy game that Dad is sure to get a kick out of on his big day o' fun.

Marshmallow Shooter

Marshmallow Wars

We've come across several versions for fun marshmallow shooters, but it's this funky colorful version from Pink and Green Mama that really steals the show!

To get started on your own Father's Day marshmallow shooter, you'll need to pick up some sprinkler PVC pipes, T-joints, L-joints, and end caps (oh my!), plus get Dad's help using a pipe cutter to fit all the pieces together — and don't forget the mini marshmallows for your fluffy ammo. This idea is perfect for a little backyard fun — and once everyone is tuckered out, it's time for a marshmallow snack and nap!

Poetry River

Poetry River

Does your family love story time? Don't miss out on this neat idea for a poetry river included on Made by Joel.

Using construction paper and various found objects, Dad and the littles can spend hours dreaming up different combinations of phrases and objects for endless creative stories. Think about it as a homemade Father's Day card that's truly taken to the next level!

USA Corkboard

Road Trippin'

A fun find for the adventurous families out there, this clever idea for making a cork board map featured over on C.R.A.F.T. brought a smile to our faces.

With a store bought cork board and a little help from Dad (and his power tools), this United States-themed map is a great addition to any family room or playroom — perfect for dreaming up your next road trip, learning about the different states, or "pinning" where your loved ones live.

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